Johnny Carson and Toilet Paper

Car’s in the shop & on Friday I went ahead and rented a car. The insurance company pays a certain portion and the remainder sounds cheap,  but once you get to Enterprise and pay for the insurance, etc. it gets expensive.

We are to get snow / freezing rain / who knows how much for sure….so I decided to run around like crazy on Friday and Saturday and return the car on Saturday afternoon prior to that, rather than pay for it any longer…. I would not want to drive it in bad weather anyway! :) And surely by Tuesday or so, my car would be fixed. ( If you missed this…the mouse that ate my car and budget story is HERE )

Everywhere that I went, out of force of habit, I’d come out looking for my gray Subaru Legacy and then remind myself that I had a red Toyota rental to find :)   Anyway, long story short, I’d arranged for my middle son to help lug some heavier things down to the antique mall with me, and then after that ( my last need for the car ) I’d return it to Enterprise. I went online to see if they were open until 5:00 or 6:00…and they close at NOON on Saturday. There went my best laid plans on saving money :(  My son was quite surprised that they closed that early on a Saturday as well.

Meanwhile between snow on the way and Superbowl Sunday tomorrow, the grocery store was like a madhouse.


Back in the day, Johnny Carson once caused a toilet paper shortage across America.

My MOM fell for this and to this day she has enough toilet paper stocked to survive a nuclear holocaust :)

There are MANY links to follow if you Google this but I’ll just show this one, if you are young and don’t remember it or are unaware of it. I was in high school at the time….10th grade.

He caused a toilet paper shortage across America with a joke :)

I am stocked up on toilet paper for the next round of snow along with my milk and eggs, etc. :)

snow b w shot

So do any of you remember this? :) How funny :)

Aside from Johnny Carson etc. it was a pleasant surprise today to be featured over at Brenda’s Cozy Little House along with some other bloggers. What an honor. Brenda’s post is HERE.

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Antique Mall Adventure Post 2

I mentioned in a recent post that I was getting some space in an antique mall in a beautiful large old house. The post is HERE if you missed the background story.

I’ll be renting 1/2 of a room that is pretty central to the store. When you walk in there are rooms to your left and right, then you climb a few steps and to your right is the cash register area. My room is opposite of that.

The cash register! What fun! :)

cash register

I have very little to start with…but in my mind since I wanted to not only have vintage items but handmade, I thought that if I could find a little loveseat or something to use to display pillows, quilts or what-have you, it would be nice.  And aside from one long skinny card table and two old wooden shelves with brackets, I had nothing else.

A trip to the thrift store …I found a bench for my DIL that she paid me back for, a little display table, and the perfect loveseat! It is an Ethan Allen in cream, neutral colors. Originally 100, on sale for 50, then on 40% off day I purchased it for 30.00.   There was an old metal card table in the back, and I picked it up for 3.00. I wanted to test the legs and when I got the table to standing position I couldn’t get the legs back down. It doesn’t work the way they make them today.

You have to put it face down on the floor, PULL the legs out of position and then they are ready to fold.  THIS technical genius did not figure that out, nor did about 4 other curious shoppers. A lady finally came along intriqued, saying she was a  table person or collector or something, and she’s the one that solved the mystery :)

First I want to show you the bench for my DIL. She’s been looking for benches and was telling me about one at Target for 200.00. This was 40.00, on sale for 20.00 then I picked it up for 12.00 due to the 40% off sale. Old school solid wood. She couldn’t wait to re-paint it and fix it up. SORRY this is just a cell phone picture that I’d texted her to see if she wanted it.


Then here’s the very unglamorous shot of the loveseat and tables dropped off in the room.

room with couch and stuff dropped off

I even think that we have the loveseat cushion on wrong after we lugged it in. Still, this is an Ethan Allan piece of furniture in perfect condition, purchased for 30.00. I think that I did well. And this is to be a series, right? Not just showing some miracle right off the bat :)

After that, my car broke down ( A Mouse ate it if you missed that post ) and we had snow, finally got the car towed, and I’ll be getting a rental for a few days to play catch-up.


I thought that you would be, so I took a few photos of various areas in this lovely place, Vintage Secrets. There is so much…I am sure that I’ll take more down the line. 

In the entryway :


A fun contrast in one room…a piece sign pillow and vintage quilt :

fun contrast peace pillow and vintage quilt

Beautiful dolls :


Pyrex and Dishes and More Oh MY! The color…just loved this area! :)

pyrex and dishes and more oh my

I showed this beautiful vintage Singer in a previous post but in case you missed it :

Singer in Antique Mall

In the same room was this old Victrola:


I’ll do another post and show some more once I’ve caught up :)

Meanwhile if you happen to be reading this, have a booth at an antique mall and a post or some posts about it, showing it….oh please link that up in a comment since I have no clue what I am doing in regards to display and would love the help and inspiration very much! And I suppose we’d all like to see it as well :) 

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