Year in Review : Favorite photos from January -June

There are many year in review posts showing up across blog land. I thought to go back through my archives and just pick some favorite photos out from each month.  I stopped after June for this round :)


wren with finch sock

Homemade Cornbread with Homemade Stone Fruit Preserves

Fried Cauliflower and Cornbread with Jam Collage

FEBRUARY : Almost done with the Rag Rug on a Loom & Working on the Snowball Quilt

quilting and rug collage

Crocuses in a Dutch Shoe:

Crocus and Dutch Collage

MARCH : My kitty, Kanga:

KANGA Collage

Feeding the Squirrels:

squirrel with tail umbrella

Preparing for Easter :

Easter Decor

Filling eggshells with potting soil prior to planting seeds there :

spooning dirt into eggshells

APRIL : Let’s Dress Up:

lets dress up

Lily :


Early Morning Quilting :

in the hoop early morning

Grape Hyacinths:

grape h

Let’s make meatballs :

Making Meatballs

And then enjoy the mild weather outdoors :

brent on swings


lilac and snowball on porch

chickadee closeup

Back of Finch

T in Scotts arms sepia


try this one

table runner started on 3rd block

bluejay by peanuts

B asleep in car

Did I put you to sleep? :) 

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Latest on the puppy and DIY Dog Toys

I have spent a small fortune in the past on dog toys. My dogs have a few favorite toys around here but they don’t need to chew so much now that they are older.

I have a cover on my chaise lounge / settee / whatever-you-call-it to cover a big chewed hole from a dog a few years ago! :)

Back in the chewing stage, I learned what they loved…the squeaker toys, yes…but those can be killed and dismantled in an afternoon!  Nylabone, yes…Kong, not so much. And so it went on.

Now that my youngest son has a puppy, it all started coming back to me. Here is Koopa, a blue nose pit, who won my heart on the first day that I met him.


Koopa loves to run with the kids. He loves to fetch a ball. He loves a few of the dog toys that I have here, but he’s going through basic chew toys like crazy at my son’s house. And that’s only going to get worse.

Koopa needed to start crate training. I had a crate here ( for a large dog ) and it went to my son’s house. Knowing how puppies and young dogs can go through soft toys in a day or two, I thought to just make some up for him myself. I used an old cotton denim shirt that was literally falling apart. I thought that my home made new toys could go into the new crate, as long as my son supervised.

( Just be careful that you don’t include any portions of old shirts or clothing that contain buttons )   I also put a tennis ball in to a sock to play with here, and he really liked that one. As long as it’s my sock here, and not my son’s socks there, it should be okay…as in we don’t want him to start chewing my son’s :)

I found some more DIY dog toys that a person could make themself over at BarkPost HERE.  I like the idea of making a braided toy from old tee shirts. denims, etc. That was one of the toys that I made from my old denim shirt.

And then in between ….here my older dogs have finally gotten used to this crazy youngster when he visits and they are all playing enthusiastically, to say the least :)

dogs playing

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