Finding Joy in the Ordinary : little girls “doing the dishes”

At some point in our lives, when we were young, getting to wash some dishes in the sink was fun stuff, before it all got old ! Do you remember?

I still remember peeling my first potato with the peeler…out of all of my childhood memories that still stands out, lol! I couldn’t wait to be able to do that, for some reason.

What about the first time that you baked cookies with your mom or got to roll out some dough?

These are the things that we enjoy again first with our children and then our grands.

I had this post ready in a draft, and then I was visiting Lorrie over at Fabric Paper Thread while she was curled up in front of a cozy fire. Lorrie titled her post Find Joy in the Ordinary … referring to a post that Jen had written the other day over at Muddy Boot Dreams. Jen’s starting an ordinary movement  :)  Well most of my posts are about ordinary life so I just changed up the title of this post a bit and jumped on the bandwagon with Lorrie.

These little girls are washing some plastic cups, strainers, dog bowls, etc. just for fun. And they certainly DID have fun. Now, I am not saying that one didn’t try to climb into the sink at one point, or that my window there got a washing too, as well as the cupboards and some of the floor…but when there are little twins to deal with? Best to keep the double-trouble in one contained area :)

Little girls “doing the dishes”:

twins letterbox

twins from the back

Emya Collage

emya closeup

emya washing dishes

both girls from back focal zoom

emya from back focal zoom


another from the aiselyn angle


Twins sepia1

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Amazing Antique Quilts : “Modern” and “Scrappy”

I am currently reading “The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kate Jacobs. If this book doesn’t make a person want to take up knitting then Vickie’s adorable mice and acorns over at Ranger 911 would. So cute! Well, maybe someday I’ll learn to knit …

My reading is sporadic, and I’ll probably have to renew the book. The way our library works is that you can check out books for 2 weeks, but you must return DVDs within a week. When I have the grandkids here I like to have at least 1 DVD on hand in the winter. So the other day I returned one DVD and brought another home …I thought that an “Ice Age” movie fit the bill what with the weather and all this week :)

I also checked out a quilting book. I’d had this book once at some point in the summer and brought it home again. I hope that I can keep track of all of these various due dates now! If you have to pay late fees, it really doesn’t save money to go to the library, does it, lol…

The book is “Treasury of American Quilts”  by Cyril Nelson & Carter Houck, and while I’d been more interested in the applique and red & green quilts this summer, I really enjoyed some “Modern” and “Scrappy” quilts on this round.

If you asked me whether or not I preferred antique or traditional quilts or modern, I’d say antique / traditional.

Well…is this Modern or Antique ?

zig zag quilt

Isn’t it amazing! It is Mennonite, from Pennsylvania, c.1890.

Over the last two years or so that I’ve been in Blog Land, I have seen some bright and cheery Lollipop Tree quilts and just assumed that they were a new invention, and sort of modern, depending on the color schemes and such. But look at this :

lollipop quilt

I have seen many gorgeous scrap quilts over the years and am always amazed at the bloggers who can work with tiny little pieces and create masterpieces.

Here is a scrap quilt that just boggles the mind…when you read how many pieces and triangles are in this quilt? So much patience and dedication went into this long ago, with no modern tools.

scrap quilt with over 22ooo pieces

Now look at the unusual treatment on this Baby Block quilt…clearly this woman was not only an expert seamstress but a designer / artist as well.

baby block quilt

Another designer / artist: and we have to remember not only were these masterpieces hand-pieced but hand-quilted and just look at the amount of quilting on this.

hexie quilt

At some point in my lifetime I’d like to make ONE Mariner’s Compass block …I can’t imagine making this many but what caught my eye was the border treatment since it would also work nicely with a floral applique quilt.

compass quilt like the border

What sort of woman could make 30 Compass blocks, with intricate floral applique as well as a beautiful border like this…all by hand, and then hand-quilt it as well. What was her life like…she was immensely gifted as a seamstress, and had incredible patience and attention to detail and that is all that we know from this quilt.

Last but not least, look at this use of color: Modern or Antique?  Neither…our grandparent’s time :)

broken dishes gorgeous colors

Whether you sew or not, I hope that you enjoyed this. I couldn’t sew like this if you paid me a million dollars:)  The women who created these amazing antique quilts were artists / seamstresses extraordinaire.

I might take a few more pictures of quilts in this book before returning it to the library for another post down the line; it’s not as if there are any flowers or gardening things to post about for awhile :)

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