Who doesn’t love a wedding :)

Just a quick post with a few wedding photos taken at my DIL’s twin’s wedding reception a few weekends ago.  Who doesn’t love a wedding, right?  I was in the process of copying my photos to a disk for the bride to get some printed and thought to share a few here.

My DIL is the one on the left. Aren’t these girls beautiful? My DIL has 2 twin girls as well.

tallica and chyane

My DIL found her wedding dress at a consignment store for 50.00 and when I researched it, it was a vintage designer style selling for 750.00 online. Her sister’s dress was a gift, and it was gorgeous.  Amazing…it was a dress purchased by someone who never got married in the end, just given to her.

At the reception, I took several pictures of the bride and groom on the dance floor. Here is a favorite:

dance closeup black white etc

They were sizzling…

aaron and chyane dance collage

And the opposite of that is silly :)  I said “kiss your sister” and look what she did. This is called ‘a moose kiss’ :)  She learned it from my son who is also silly :)

tallica and chayane collage

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Autumn Light Through Maple Tree Foliage

On Monday morning, three little grandchildren arrived here before sunup, shivering and cold, and I had the furnace running. Outdoors it was around 33 or 34 degrees, and there was a heavy frost. That afternoon the temperatures climbed to 70 or so, and this morning when I got up around 5:00, it was 67 degrees! It was very warm and quite windy all day….great weather for cutting back all the poor flowers and vines that did not survive the frost the previous morning. Talk about weather extremes!

While there are still leaves on my neighbor’s maple tree, there are more on the ground than on the tree at this point, especially after all of this wind,  and that reminded me that I’d taken some photos mid-October to post down the line.

This was in the late afternoon and the light that day was filtering into the dining room, bathing it in a warm glow.

golden light window

The kitchen had that glow as well and I had to get some pictures of the light filtering through the tree. It was so pretty that afternoon. I don’t feel that the camera captured it completely but the human eye also has emotion and wonder tied to a moment, whereas the photo is just a mere shadow of that.

Autumn light through maple tree foliage, mid-October:

This tree’s leaves turn a brilliant red at first, and then later on fade to a golden yellow.

tree red leaves

Neighbor tree

sunshine hdr

light through leaves

sun shining through tree

How I’ll miss this glorious sight out of my kitchen window …no wonder I want to be in the kitchen baking so much in the fall! :)

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