Tuesday Treasures: happy things : )

Lavender planted in a little teapot…a gift from a friend:

Lavender in teapot

Continuing to enjoy the little goldfinches; not sure how much longer they will stick around :

finches on fence polaroid

3 pic finch collage

My second round of green beans is now producing:

green beans

A Sunday morning sunrise; the brilliant orange quickly faded to a hot pink…another minute or two and I’d have missed the entire show:

morning sunrise

Indoor things…thrifted or created.

dutch couple collage

Or rescued from a shelter years ago:

Kanga by monitor

Roses blooming more profusely in the early fall than they ever did in spring or summer:

yellow roses

Silver Queen Corn on the Cob still available from a local farm on the last weekend of September, and tomatoes from my garden to accompany it, with more still ripening. I do enjoy eating and there’s nothing better than fresh summer vegetables.

tomatoes end sept

Cleome, a favorite annual of mine for late summer and early fall,  is planted in several locations….here is one against a backdrop of the hyacinth bean vine :

cleome and hyacinth vine

The last but certainly not least happy thing here these last few days is the weather. We are having a spell of chilly mornings that warm to around 75 degrees in the afternoon with clear skies and sunshine.

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End of September Sewing Hodgepodge

Here and there I’ve been cutting up triangles and storing them in a little sewing basket. This has been a very off and on project, since there is no hurry…but last year I’d made a little hour glass table runner, and I thought to make a quilt in that pattern someday, with larger triangles.

The little basket was getting rather full so I decided to start sewing some together and see how far I got, and how many more white triangles I might need down the line.

triangle dim morning light

Uh-oh, here comes my pretty little photo-bomber, Kanga.

Kanga and triangles

The fabrics run the gamut from some reproduction 30’s fabrics left over from making a Dresden Plate quilt, to fabrics from making girl’s skirts, to this or that from  a year or two ago…the idea being to have a lot of pinks, some yellows and greens…something bright and cheery, but predominantly pink/rose/ crimson

hourglass blocks

I do love shades of pink, rose, etc. in fabrics…just like in the garden right now. ( zinnias, hydrangeas outside and in ( drying in a vase ), autumn sedum,  and cleome ) 

Pink FLowers Collage

I was drawn to similar shades in the basket quilt that I’ve been hand-quilting.

basket quilt thus far on the line

I wanted to take a  picture for an update. I finished the last block ( top left ) with wavy dinner-plate lines…the other three in that row have been quilted extensively…the block on the top right will mirror the dinner plate wavy lines quilting. The quilting shows up if you click on the picture; it’s not showing up very well in the far-away shot.

The bottom row needs the far left and right baskets to be quilted yet. Originally I was planning to make another two rows, quilt them, and add to this, but I am now leaning to finishing it up at this nice couch-quilt size, and moving on :)

The block on the top left is currently in the hoop :

basket block in hoop

While the garden flowers still say ‘summer’…it is now fall, and should I tire of these bright and cheery pink-ish projects,  ( which I am ) I can turn to the eagle quilt project’s floral blocks.

This pattern is for wool…I’ll never achieve these rich hues with regular fabric, but I’ll still have plenty of warm colors in the quilt in the end. I have the eagle and two blocks done thus far. I have started prepping for two more blocks. For the weekend and Slow Stitching, I’ll finish prepping one block and start on it.

templates cut out for eagle quilt

For my regular readers that don’t applique, and wonder what-in-the-world-is-going-on, while there are many methods for applique, I am using a freezer paper method.

  • I trace the shapes onto one layer of freezer paper.
  • Then I iron another layer of freezer paper together with that. ( shiny sides down )
  • Then I cut those shapes out, and iron them to fabric, and then cut those out ( what you see above )
  • After that, I’ll spray  a little starch into a glass or bowl…just a little…and I’ll take a paintbrush ( a kid’s Crayola one ) and I’ll paint the starch onto portions of the fabric, then press the fabric onto the paper bit by bit with a little craft iron.
  • It takes forever and is boring and a pain in the a** :)  Prep work takes about as long as the sewing :)

Meanwhile I finished up the Crosses & Losses Quilt Top ( HERE ) and am looking forward to quilting it next.

That’s my End of September Sewing Hodgepodge! :)

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