Rain : Bedraggled Birds, Bowed Down Blooms, & Appreciation

Saturday was very hot and muggy, and I was quite busy with one thing or another and not happy with the heat.   One rule this summer has been…if it’s going to be too hot, that’s the day that I am chasing grand-kids around a lot!  :)

On Sunday I woke quite early and was debating whether to roll over and go back to sleep…but  it started to thunder and lightning and it was not the sort of storm that you go back to sleep in. I did not mind it if it meant cooler weather coming through, though. :)

Later on the morning went back and forth between gentle and heavy rain and I took a few pictures here and there between some reading, sewing, and just listening…to rainfall, the flutter of bird wings, the scampering about of the little squirrels on the porch, the blue jay calling for his peanuts…and you will see that this blue jay was quite soaking wet and molting as well. Craziest blue jay pictures that I’ve gotten yet : )

rainy morning collage 1

rainy day collage 2

Most of my flowers were bowed down from the heavy rains and every visitor was bedraggled and soaking wet.  I got to witness what squirrels do when a huge raindrop hits them. They leap into the air and shake themselves at the same time..all in a split second. I certainly had some entertainment during the rainy morning. But no one was looking their best…

rainy day collage 3

I have observed, though, that these birds and animals love a nice rain and that the minute the heavy rain or storm is over, they are all out and about and enjoying it. The birds splash in the puddles, the squirrels scamper about, they all seem noisier and more communicative than usual.

Or is it simply that I slow down on a rainy morning and notice and appreciate them and nature and what God has given to us more?

Probably the latter :)

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End of August Piecing and Quilting

Here it is the end of August already! This summer has flown by for me since it’s been cooler than most. I have only been miserable for about a third of it! :)

I have managed to sew together another round of what I call my “Amish colors” blocks : which are four Crosses and Losses blocks arranged into this larger pattern. The breeze kicks up as soon as I put a block onto the line and step back :)

blue and purple amish block on line

I finished hand quilting the block that I showed last week and have moved on to another.

quilting collage end august

Slow Stitching this Sunday will be more hand quilting. I feel as if I am getting somewhere until I look at how much still needs to be quilted. And this is only half of a quilt. But the process is enjoyable and relaxing, and that is why I do it :)

I hope that Sunday will be a bit more relaxing than Saturday, which started with water pipes bursting between my neighbor’s house and mine and water company construction for half the day, and of course the water turned off. Lucky that we are early risers…not sure about her but you never saw someone get a shower, wash her dishes, fill the tub to have water to flush the commode and fill pots and pitchers as fast as me on Saturday morning! :)

I will tell you though, those water guys won’t forget being on our street because once the pipe was fixed and they had to wait around for the guy with the gravel to come fill the holes…they got a huge dish of cut up fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes to have for a little thank you snack.  Those tomatoes were pretty good…I probably made their day…at least until they were off work and reaching for a beer or something :)

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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