Tuesday Treasures : late spring / early summer

After several days of hot steamy humid weather + rain, we had a cooler front move through. The  next morning was foggy with very little visibility for an hour or so. When it cleared a bit I went out and saw myriad cobwebs covering not only a pine tree in the front but all over the lawn. I named them ‘fogwebs’ in my mind. I see early morning cobwebs in the summer sometimes but not everywhere! It was interesting :) Here are a few examples that I took pictures of:

Fogweb collage

I did spring clean my windows awhile back but there’s been so much rain that they were dirty again. After another round of cleaning a few weeks ago I enjoyed this reflection.

Curtain reflection after cleaning the windows

Those windows sure were clean for a day or two :)

reflection collage

When we have rain, if we have a decent amount, the street below me has a nice long puddle. If the grand kids are here and it is warm I’ll take them for wading and puddle jumping. On this particular day, the neighbors had some company and I liked the car reflections in the puddle.

cars in puddle reflection

I take a lot of pictures. I might see something interesting, and then grab the camera and wonder if the shot will turn out okay. Most of them don’t, lol…but I keep finding the simplest everyday things to be interesting and depending on the time of day, lighting, weather, etc. I suppose I always will.

The other day a huge hawk was right there on my neighbors fence! I was doing dishes and looked out of my kitchen window and there he sat…so regal and impressive. A few little birds were flying around him…he must have been after babies in their nest or they felt threatened. How brave they were! He lifted a wing and swatted at one of them…a car drove by and he flew off. I’d have liked to have captured that! :)

I couldn’t tell if he was the red-shouldered hawk that I was able to get a lot of pictures of last year or not.  ( HERE ) He was under the neighbor’s tree in deep shade and just looked full grown and quite large and forbidding.

As to birds & nests, this is the sparrow nest this year. Looks a bit crazy, doesn’t it? :) The sparrows and finches seem to take turns building a nest at this location on the side of my house. A good bit of the white that you see is my dog Lily’s hair. One year a dryer sheet hung from the nest all season…I always viewed it as their curtain :

Sparrows crazy bird nest

As flimsy as it looks, one family has been raised and flown and the second one is in there now. Occasionally if there are heavy winds, I’ll see some of the nest pieces on the ground and within a day or two the birds have brought it back up there.

Whenever I am in the kitchen I am serenaded by the chirping of the babies…sometimes this is good and sometimes I’ve heard enough for the day but I can’t turn that radio station off! :)

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Painful but pretty…roses

I was appreciating the early morning one day a week or so ago, knowing that the recent idyllic spell of mild weather, cool mornings, and no humidity whatsoever was coming to a close, given the latest forecast. My little rose bush was in full bloom and looked so sweet and pretty.

early morning roses collage

I went and got my kitchen shears and clipped some rose ( thorns ) and barberry ( more thorns ) and smokebush branches.  Dealing with thorns is a bit painful…have to be careful :)  I was stabbed a few times but it was pretty in the end. I brought my little arrangement out to enjoy on the front porch.

bouquet on porch

During the summer, weather permitting, the front porch is where I want to be, and I’ll enjoy flower arrangements out there much more than in the house.

try this one

I will read or sew out there, the grand kids always want to be out there or in the backyard when they visit, and if we have a family gathering, the front porch will be full. Unless it is unbearable hot or humid, this porch of mine gets a lot of use during spring, summer, and fall :)

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