A weather break and early a.m. deer encounter

After days and days and days of rain  how nice it was to have a clearing and see a sky like this the other day.

clouds after days and days of rain collage

With the weather break, while I don’t like to use pesticides, I dusted many of the plants with Sevin that I’d had left over from previous years. Just about every plant and bush has holes in its leaves. Hopefully this will address the issue and solve the problem. The worst hit have been the seedlings. I try to save money and start a lot of annuals from seed which usually works just fine but it might be touch and go if that Sevin dust does not do the trick!

The first green bean blossom :

Green bean blossom

Daylily blooms after a rain:

daylilies for HS

Both spirea in the back yard are now in bloom.

Both spirea collage

The little yellow rose bush has new blooms, the salvia and daisies are coming in to bloom and the first cosmos:

roses cosmos salvia collage

Last year, with so much precipitation, the bushes grew like mad and I trimmed and trimmed in the fall. This year looks to be the same, weather-wise. I started already. On garbage pickup day there was one regular can and then two filled to the brim with crabapple tree branches and trimmed lilac bush branches.

I was working on that very early a.m. a day or two prior, and it was foggy and misty and a bit humid. I live in a little borough ..not out in the country. While there are wooded areas across the main road, a few streets up, it is not all that common to see big full grown deer bounding up the street here, but that is exactly what happened.

There I was at the curb, around 7 a.m., placing branches into the can that I had already brought up there, and suddenly here came this deer running at full speed from the street below. He ran right past me, up the street, turned at the alley and kept on going. To say that I was startled would be an understatement :)

And then of course one’s thoughts race along ” oh the poor deer; I hope he finds his way back…there are so many walkers and dog walkers out there this early…hope everyone is safe…what if this happened later in the day on a day when I had little Brent here riding his trike in the alley…” and so on.  We are encroaching on the habitat of the wildlife at a breakneck speed in my area and much of the country. It is sad, and dangerous.

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Red & Green Quilts and Pennsylvania Tulips

The third red & green applique block that I am working on is another one from “Quilts in Red and Green” by Nancy Hornback and Terry Clothier Thompson. I liked my first block so much that I’d considered making a quilt with just that block repeated in variations but decided in the end that I’d learn more by trying different blocks.

The third one is called Pennsylvania Tulips. In the book they show the original quilt, the history of the quilt, and then a modern rendition of the block.


Here is the original quilt. I chose this for my next block since I am from Pennsylvania, and I liked the block and quilt. The original green fabric has faded to a tan but what a creative layout on this quilt. ( Sorry…taking these pictures in outdoor light, trying to keep the book pages open, and there is a bit of reflection from the late afternoon sun on the pages as the paper stock is nice, glossy stock : )

original PA tulips quilt

Rebecca was born in Ohio, married Thomas Wilhelm from Pennsylvania, and later they moved to Kansas. Rebecca made this quilt for her daughter’s wedding.

The authors of the book indicate that ” The placement of the blocks, set diagonally in a staggered arrangement, gives the quilt and interesting overall composition.”

Once I started to prep the pieces it dawned on me that this was an easier block than the first two that I did ( or it seemed that it might be easier :)

I recently checked out ” Treasury of American Quilts” by Cyril L. Nelson and Carter Houck from the library. I am sure this is an old classic. There is such a wide variety of stunning quilts in this book but in regards to the red & green quilts I always gravitate towards the ones with a bit of cheddar in them. Here are two favorites :

1st: This just pops! So bright ! 1855 New England.  No history given.

whig rose variation

2nd:  I kept gravitating back to this one due to the arrangement. ( I have edited this book photo a bit to make it pop more )  1870 Pennsylvania. No history given.

Favorite Pot of Flowers quilt

If you have never seen this book and can find it at your local library, there are 272 pages within to enjoy. 185 color photographs. Hardcover.

I have gotten this far on my block. I need to finish sewing the center stem a bit more, and then stop there, add leaves, finish that, and then do the flowers. Pretty boring thus far :)


It will be pretty once the flowers are done but since it is fairly simple, I think that the next block will have to be more complicated and have more elements to balance things out somewhat.

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