A Frugal Little DIY Wedding

At first my son and his fiancee were considering a big wedding, but in the end decided on a small, casual affair with just their closest family & friends.  A friend of my son’s was able to arrange for them to rent a clubhouse in his housing division and the wedding date was set for May 31st.

This sort of thing might not be what would work for or appeal to everyone, but this couple deals with five children between them, and had the choice to have a wedding with 500-750 guests and spend a fortune that they’d never recoup, or whittle it down to about 90, have a honeymoon, and still be able to make the next house payment on their new home. I think that they made a wise choice for their situation. It turned out wonderfully and everyone had a marvelous time. Their frugal little DIY wedding was a lot of fun for everyone :)

Here are some of the ways that they cut costs :

  • Guest List : Only closest friends and family attended, and the wedding invitation suggested casual attire. It also let them know not to bring their children ( there would not be room…only the wedding party children would be there ). Guest list total : 90.
  • Beverages : Limited beverages : fruit drinks or water for the wedding party children, beer or bottled water for guests, with a limited amount of hard alcohol and mixers.
  • Food : Family & Friends provided food. The photo below shows one table…there was another beyond it with more food and cookies, cakes, etc. There was more than enough and there’s not much to compare with home made. The only purchased food was chicken from a local restaurant.

food table

  •  Beverage cups: purchased online at the best price.


  • Decorations : The bride decorated the mantle in the clubhouse and made little painted bird house decorations for the tables. I went and picked lovely sweet-scented phlox in the early a.m. out in the country while it was still drenched with dew, then stored it in buckets of water for a few hours. When we went to arrange and cover the tables, I took the phlox and arranged it into vases and mason jars for the mantle, alcove, dessert table and dining tables.

phlox for bouquets

Bridal Bouquet: I made it. I simply purchased one dozen cream colored roses to go with her gown and left them sitting in water for a day. An hour before the ceremony, I cut the stems, wrapped them tightly in painter’s tape ..no need to purchase floral tape..then layered ivory colored fabric over that and pinned it, and finished it off with some ribbon and a bow.

Music: they did something with an Ipad or Ipod / not sure but there was music :)

Tables and Chairs: the clubhouse provided a certain amount / a family member rented the remainder through an American Legion or similar club.

Photography: They asked me to do it. I am not a professional nor do I have a studio, but if a person has a family member or friend that likes photography, and if that person is able to relinquish the thought of photos in a studio, then much money can be saved. I took 208 photos / the majority were edited and on FB in an album within 24 hours.  They can be saved to a drive or CD from my computer and the couple can get the photos that they would like printed after that.

Fashion: Before I show you the bride, here are the grand girls in their Walmart dresses…9.00 each.

Kate and Twins

Now the girls with their little cousin:

liyah in front on this one

While the little girls couldn’t wait to pose for pictures, the boys were not interested. We did manage to get them into a few group photos and I usually tell them not to laugh, or not to make faces, which of course results in lots of hilarity and fun photos since they start to laugh, smile, and of course, make funny faces :)

Two favorite photos from that day :

Catching the bride’s twin sister ready to take pictures of folks at the same time as I was doing so:

Chayane with Camera

The bride and her best friend in the ‘dressing room’.  The best friend is supposedly due in July but she is so huge that most of us are quite sure that baby is coming earlier! :)

Best Friends T and M

My son and new daughter-in-law after the ceremony.

Kiss in front of fireplace collage

T in Scotts arms collage

My son’s favorite photo :

T in Scotts arms sepia

I had done a post about this wedding gown back in April. She found it at a consignment shop and purchased it for 50.00.  She brought it here to be altered a bit, and I went online and found the exact same dress at a couture shop ( They wanted 750.00!)


Dressing Room Collage

A radiant bride :

tallica 6

A very happy couple:

scott and tallica 3 cropped

And a little grandson who really liked these cake lollipops that the bride and my niece made for the wedding :) Yours truly did too…they were delicious!

Brent with Cake Lollipop

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The Front Porch : end of May

In my previous post, I showed the front porch over the years.  There has been a lot of variety.

One thing is fairly consistent and it is that around the end of April and for a good bit of May, it looks like a nursery with many pots of seedlings started. The back porch is the same. At some point, towards the end of May, most are planted in the ground or transferred to the back porch, things get cleaned up, and porch-life begins.

In this picture, some lilacs and snowball blooms were in vases…I was enjoying them outside for a day or two.

front porch with lilacs angle

A larger view of that side… I still have some pots / seedlings there, and things are a bit crowded yet, as the window a/c unit is still stored over in the corner. I don’t like to have the a/c units in the windows until it is absolutely necessary.

It does not show up very well in this photo but the chalkboard ( which once belonged to my sister /  nieces ) has a menu on it, written with accompanying pictures, by one of the children. There’s a smaller chalkboard that I purchased a few years ago, tucked into the corner which helps during chalkboard wars when all of the kids are over here at the same time :)

front porch larger view of one side

The fairy garden was housed in that corner last year. This year I moved it to the other side of the porch.  I tried to grow thunbergia from seed this year and had no success whatsoever, so the two small hanging baskets here were purchased from a nursery but went into the ground over Memorial Day weekend.

Front Porch Fairy Garden Angle

Memorial Day Weekend here, weather-wise, was the culmination of about 5 or 6 days of what I consider to be perfect spring weather. 50 degrees in the early morning, topping off at about 72 degrees in the afternoon with absolutely no humidity whatsoever. After a long cold winter, a dreary cold rainy spring…finally a break :)

Sitting on the front porch, enjoying a gentle breeze, birdsong, the hum of a neighbor’s lawnmower…blooms, quilting out there, and having some fruit pops with my grandson…sometimes porch life can be a little heaven on earth in the spring :)

last front porch collage

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