TEA PARTY : Grand Girls & Squirrels

On Saturday I was to babysit the twin girls for the day. It was going to be hot and I thought to arrange a tea party and pretend-cooking / restaurant sort of game out on the front porch where we could play for a few hours until it got unbearable outside.  Wanting to get some things done before they arrived around 9 or so, I started early. I brought out the dolls, stuffed animals, tea and food toys and arranged them on the front porch early a.m. and not too long afterwards noticed my regular early morning visitors  who were quite timidly wondering what these things were? Were they real? Dangerous? Was it safe to ask for peanuts this morning? Was it safe to come on to the porch?

Cute!  So I grabbed a few peanuts and my camera.

Squirrel On Stair Rail

Squirrel Polaroid 2

Now, this is one of the tamer squirrels and he did want his peanut, but look at his approach. It was all that I could do to keep quiet and not bust out laughing and scare him, since he was already so nervous.

tamest squirrel crawling in for the peanut

He’s quite used to my cat staring at him through the window when he sits on the chair looking in,  but teddy bears, stuffed dogs and dolls are another matter!

In the end he did get that peanut, and a few more but with each one  he retreated to the edge of the porch , in case one of those dolls came alive…

End of story squirrel pic

Later on we had cherries and water and made ‘tea’  from those ingredients…won’t you have some? :)

tea party 3

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Slow Stitching Sunday : End of June

This past week I hand-quilted on my table runner a little bit. I am trying to draw feathers without a stencil, and just go by a visual from a book. Looking closely and critically at it, I started to think that one or two looked more like a toe or something rather than a feather. Then I put my Rose Colored Glasses on and decided to just keep going : )

Four more Crosses & Losses blocks are pieced together now.

crosses losses blocks on line

Towards the end of the week the batting that I’d had to order ( since my local store was moving and quilt supplies were the first thing to move ) arrived.  So I worked on pin-basting my half-quilt ( I’ll join the other half when it’s finished ) and then couldn’t resist starting a little hand quilting on it.

The other thing that I worked on is another red & green applique block and the post about that is HERE. For Slow Stitching time this Sunday, I ‘ll pick that up again. In the original post I thought the entire block would be easy…not so when I got to the first flower. I found myself holding my breath and clenching my teeth trying to get the pieces to fit together exactly. Perhaps I’ll cut the next round a wee bit larger than the book templates to give myself more leeway.

sewing end june collage

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