April Photo Diary

April 1st : Early Morning

sunrise and indoor light reflected collage

Reading Ms. Toody Goo Shoes Photo Diary for March and the reminder to start one for April ( and link up in May )

Her photo diary post

The gist of it is that you take a photo every day for the month of April…create a post about it, and then link up with her and Claire from a little CLAIREification between May 1 and 7. Check here for more info. I committed to doing / trying this for the month of April since it’s new and I wanted to see if I could keep up. I don’t lead all that much of an exciting life…so for more excitement you’d better check out the party :)

April 2nd: A blue jay arrives for his breakfast peanut

Bluejay calls ahead for his peanut

April 3rd: Finished up hand-quilting / working on tying borders

working on tying

April 4th : Raining again, and pouring…and several rainbows at the end of the day.

rain collage

April 5th: Cold & dreary outside…sewing inside

may as well sew

April 6th: Let’s dress up!

lets dress up

April 7th: A visit from the doves


April 8th: A giveaway arrived in the mail


April 9: Seedlings coming along

Seedlings coming along

April 10: Feet


April 11: Breakfast

pancakes for breakfast

April 12: Starting seeds / transplanting others

Play in Dirt collage

April 13: Palm Sunday: puzzle time in the afternoon

brent and J puzzle time

April 14: A finished quilt

A finished quilt

April 15: Would you believe it is snowing outside now and going down the the low 20’s tonight?


April 16: My lilac bush is wrapped in blankets against the deep freeze

bush in blankets

April 17: Male goldfinch brightens my day


April 18: Moving day ( son’s family )


April 19: More moving day activities, but a wee bit of quilting early morning

in the hoop early morning

April 20: Easter


April 21: Markings from an alien landing? Nope, sidewalk chalk tracing a child

sidewalk chalk

April 22:

Earth day squirrel

April 23: Grape Hyacinths

grape h

April 24: Brought in some branches to force ( Lilac and Crabapple )

forcing blooms

April 25: Lovely skies:

puffy clouds collage

April 26: Some time on the swings in the afternoon

brent on swings

April 27: A birthday party for the twins

Girls and Cake

April 28:

around here for photo diary

April 29: Love them :)

Scott and Brent

April 30: Whew, the last day of this photo diary! :) Raining and stormy today …cheating with a picture of these tulips that I took a few days ago.

Tulips for Photo Diary

Sharing at : Ms. Toody Goo Shoes 1st Link Party! :)  And she leads a MUCH more exciting life so I think that you’ll enjoy her photo diary as well as the others that have created theirs for April.

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Tuesday Treasures : an assortment

I had this post ready-to-go for this Tuesday but want to say that the huge storm system rolling through our country right now with its powerful tornadoes has so many people under watches and warnings today….and has already left so much devastation and death in its path, that I am well aware that any treasures that we hold dear, including lives of loved ones,  could be lost in a few moments of time. As I update this post, the latest news on CNN says that  ” The storm has so far claimed 29 lives in six states ” and that there are 75 million under threat today.

Here are some late April Tuesday Treasures of mine…

Old things thrifted or handed down:

room divider collage

Hyacinths from Easter time…one is almost done, the other still going strong. I love the sweet, heady scent of hyacinths in the spring.


Grape hyacinths picked from the neighbor’s yard….growing wild in the deep spring grass.

grape h

A sweet girl’s smile:

Balloon Fun Pic 2

Working with soft feminine fabrics for a little girl quilt:


Violas on the front porch:


My little grandson; hard to believe that he’ll be turning five in just a few short months:

brent on swings

Birds of every color and hue that visit the feeders:

Goldfinch cardinal

And a crabapple tree ready to burst into bloom at any day now :

crabapple buds

Before it does, let’s get these meatballs finished for Daddy! :)

Making Meatballs

The last Tuesday Treasure of this post came home after school with a sore throat and not feeling too well…so she had her tea in a special little cup to get her through homework time until my son arrived.

Kate Homework and Tea

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