A creative genius & her cat

I have a few touches of Spring / Easter here…

touches of spring and easter collage

glass and easter eggs

But the main thing going on in the living room right now is what is happening on top of the piano. Not too long ago I posted about starting some seeds with my little grandson ( 5 Dirty Randoms HERE )

The Cake Holder Greenhouse is working…lift the lid and you can see the Sweet Alyssum seeds starting to sprout and the Cardinal Vine seeds are doing well in the other section.

Seeds are growing collage

Some transplanting was due so I changed out my ‘vignette’ ! :) Classy! :)

new seed starting arrangement

See what I mean ? Creative genius! Home Decor at its finest :)

Seriously, usually I wait until warm weather and then start seeds outdoors on the porches, and I have many more to start in that manner but the “Dirty Randoms”  post explains why this batch was started indoors.

And the reason this is on the piano is because a certain cat here doesn’t jump up there.  It and the room dividers are the only ‘safe’ places  here.

Oh look…she just said “While you are mentioning me, could you take a few pictures for Prince Richard of Poppyview? Here, let me pose for him! ”

KANGA Collage

She’s really got a thing for him, you know.

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Needle, Thread & Yarn: End of March Sewing

Two Sundays ago I showed an applique block that I was working on. I continued to work on it that Sunday and for two more days. When I got to the point where all that I had to do was make more berries and sew them on I took a break from that block for a good week.  I finished it up the other day.

The block sort of took on a life of its own…it is a bit different from the original Benjamin Biggs block. I wanted to incorporate some of the fabric with the grapes on it that I’d used in the first block, and then I added more berries than the original block to bring out the purple a bit more. Here it is, finished, and attached to the first two blocks.

BB three blocks on line

Last year I’d made a Dresden Plate tied quilt, and a hand-quilted pillow and table runner. I displayed them during the spring and summer. I recently brought them out again. Here is the table runner.

dresden collage

It fits nicely on the long table behind the couch in my living room. The reason that I am showing it in this post is because those three Benjamin Biggs quilt blocks are the same size and would make a lovely table runner.

My living room is long and narrow and is divided into two sections: seating and then a walk through area with a piano etc. on the far wall.


In this photo from the fall you can get an idea of how the table runner is visible whether you are coming in the front door towards the dining room or looking into the living room from the dining room.

The BB quilt is a two year project with 25 blocks..I never intended to make the full sized bed quilt but rather smaller projects…now that these three are done they’d make a nice table runner…I need to think about it a bit more :) Indecision…

When I took the break from applique I finished up a basket block that I’d been hand-piecing, and I made an envelope pillow cover out of a machine pieced one by adding some strips, since this was a long pillow. It’s a very comfortable pillow…great behind the neck. I wanted to change out some of the pillow covers that I had used in the fall & winter and this is a new one.


The snowball quilt is coming along…I was finishing up this block on Saturday morning.

quilting snowball pink block

When I first started piecing and appliqueing this top, I’d intended to tie it. By the time that I was done putting some embroidery on the applique portion, I knew that I’d have to quilt the snowballs…they needed some texture and detail.  During the process of hand-quilting, I went back and forth in my mind as to whether I’d hand quilt the borders or not. On Saturday I did a little experimentation. I machine quilted a bit on one of the brown borders and I hand-quilted around a stem or two, and neither one was discernible on the dark fabric. I was not going to invest in extremely dense quilting, so I decided to tie the borders. I thought that this would look kind of cute due to the many colors in the quilt and I am happy with the decision thus far.

So this quilt will have it all : Machine piecing, hand applique, some embroidery, hand-quilting, a wee bit of machine quilting, and tying :) And a lot of learning curve :)

There are two blocks remaining that require hand-quilting. That leaves 3 sides that I could work on tying now and I did a little on Saturday afternoon.

starting to hand tie

If you have never tied a quilt before and are curious, it is a nice option and just as relaxing as hand-quilting. The biggest challenge is getting the yarn through the needle. Well, I just wrap some Scotch tape around the end of the yarn ( you are trying to make it similar to a shoelace effect ) and trim that a bit and then it gets through the needle easily. ( Remember to cut off the taped portion after that : )  These curved needles make it a breeze. It is very relaxing.

tying collage

I see a little snow this Sunday morning here to accompany my sewing! Just an inch or less…nothing like last year at the end of March when we had about 6 inches ! :)

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I’ll be hand-quilting and tying for Slow Sunday Stitching and joining Kathy and others HERE

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