Vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

I thought to share one of my two vintage quilts with you. I don’t think that I’ve done so on this blog as yet.

First of all, I won’t even pretend to have a fancy decorated bedroom. This is one of the standard spreads…and I have to warn you that my cat is in most pictures as the minute I took her off the bed, she just jumped right back up, so she wins.

Standard Spread

But on a Sunday or holiday if the family and other company are coming,  I put out the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  This quilt was at a local mission store a year or so ago and I held my breath, hoping that no one would purchase it before the end of the month when it would go to half price.

What family discarded or donated this priceless gem I do not know but this quilter appreciates it every time I feel its soft cotton and smooth it out over the bed, admiring the handiwork and ceaseless hours that went in to it.

This post is a bit picture heavy. If you only pick up quilts for decor or color you might not be interested but if you quilt, or have worked on a hexagon project, then you will probably enjoy some closeups of the stitching and old fabrics.

First of all, it’s a working bedroom as in part of my sewing room is over on the ironing board ( and the rest is in my dining room : )

working bedroom

Now for the quilt:

GF Collage


Here it is turned over a bit to show the stitching underneath:

GFG underside fine stitching

GFG another collage





Here are a few shots of how the edges were treated on this quilt:

Edge treatment 2


Edge treatment


Edge treatment 3

Having just sewn a few hexies together here and there for small projects such as pillows, I can truly appreciate the extraordinary amount of work that would go into creating a full sized quilt out of them. I hope that you enjoyed seeing this one and the beautiful old vintage fabrics.

And in the end, I paid 125.00 for this. I feel grateful and blessed that I could pick it up for that cost, because I could not have afforded more, and I’ll cherish it forever. I also feel very sad that I don’t know who made it…it is flawless…and I don’t know why her family did not see it as a priceless heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

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around here ( aside from the mud…)

While it took them awhile, now the cardinals are frequent visitors

Cardinal on Flower Stalk

Cardinal in Snow Collage Dec 10

I hear the quiet chirp of the missus at the first light though these photos are all of her mate.

Cardinal on Cleome Stalks

This little bungalow was so full of family and friends on numerous occasions over the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years that it is nice to have a space of quieter times here for awhile.

Time to take a book like this and peruse it….

red and green

Perhaps over here by Lily who is dozing in her usual place in the corner.

Lily dozing by the chaise lounge

That is her usual afternoon spot. In the early mornings, pre-dawn, she and my other dog Jugsy can often be found sharing a rug between the dining room and living room.

Lily and Jugsy sharing a rug

There was a spectacular sunrise the other morning. Of course one of the neighbors was walking his dogs as I was outside in my pajamas on the porch taking pictures.

Sunrise Jan 13

Back indoors, with Christmas cleared away, there is still a little red and green on the quilt rack.

quilts on rack

On the piano, blooms from other seasons …roses, pussy willow and hydrangea….

on top of piano

While on one of the room dividers little crocuses grow.

crocuses in dutch shoe

In the dining room, some sewing, and of course the usual assistance from the cat.

Kanga by scissors sepia

And last but not least, there’s a box on the stairs waiting to go into my cupboard up in my bedroom..all of the 2013 bank statements and bills etc. sorted, filed and ready to put away.  A fresh start in regards to paper, aside from waiting now for everything pertaining to taxes to start arriving.

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