Tuesday Treasures : “Jenny Wren”

wren another good closeup

I do not know why but my grandmother always referred to the little wrens as “Jenny Wren”.

Wren Collage End Dec

From my bird book, it appears as if my highly vocal wren visitors are Carolina Wrens…and I enjoy their various songs.  So much voice from such a tiny bird! :)

wren at finch sock suet on beak

I have so many brown sparrows at the feeders each day that were it not for the sweet song of the brown wren I’d not know to go and look for him, but when I do, he is such a special little sweetheart to behold.

wren with finch sock

WREN end Dec

We have all heard the saying “it it the little things in life” and this little bird is an example of the simple gifts each day that can bring us joy, if only for a moment or two.

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The Blues & Benjamin Biggs

English Shoulder Roast was on sale at the grocery store this week for 2.88 per lb. I’ve not had a pot roast yet this year. Early on Sunday morning the small roast that I purchased is going into the crock-pot with onions, carrots, potatoes, and some Golden Mushroom Soup and it is going to cook on low all day long until it falls apart. The house is clean, the bills were paid and in the mailbox on Saturday ( the gas bill is $75.00 higher than last year at this time due to the colder temps! ) and for the most part, Sunday is going to be a Slow Stitching Sewing Sunday here :)

Starting off with the blues

Many people are participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge  and I considered doing that this year. This month the color is BLUE. I have very little blue as I did a blue nine patch last year.  For the moment I just cut out two background squares from the one blue fabric in my ‘stash’ which was purchased for a Snowball quilt. I will do a little applique…a tea cup and a sewing machine. The sewing machine has a handle which I will try to embroider since I did not think that my current applique skill level could “handle it ” any other way :)  I have the prep work started..

sewing machine and teacup block prep

Since a sampler that I am working on ( all baskets thus far ) is from scraps and stash, I think that I’ll just do a few blocks for it each month using the rainbow color of the month, at least for now. So I’ll have a rainbow row or two : ) I will work on these for Slow Stitching Sunday and then I can link them up to So Scrappy next Saturday! :)

Speaking of BLUE I ran into the mission store this week and was happy to find a pair of nurse’s pants in dark blue which I could use in the rag rug. So I have some blue and yellow strips torn and I just need to stop in there again soon as I hope to find a bit more red or burgundy.

rag rug the latest with blue

Now on to my 3rd ( yes, third…well, I said I was doing this to learn :)  Benjamin Biggs block. My first try was not good at all. My second one was okay and put away to finish up as a Christmas pillow, since it was turkey red.

Seeing many ladies on the FB group doing other color schemes than red and green for this quilt I thought “why not.”   I have a limited amount of red and green and some cheddar and I had started a red and green block for a Christmas quilt, and rather than purchase more fabric, I went looking through my stash and realized that I had a nice amount of purple that I could use.

So on Thursday night, I spent awhile on the basting process, and then here and there on Friday and Saturday I sewed and sewed, and marveled at how much time I’d spent on this one block, lol! I hope it won’t be this way for the whole quilt! :)

This is where I was late Saturday afternoon. I’ll work on the ‘leaves’ portion next. They need basted and then sewn down.  Hopefully by next week I can show a finished block.

BB 1st block now purple

I can honestly say that I am doing the Happy Dance here…not because this 3rd attempt is perfect but because it is the very best that I can do right now. I am satisfied. :) A few points lived to tell the tale.

I did try back-basting and needle turn on a flower for another project and did not like it, since I needed a 3rd hand. This is glue basted on to freezer paper but I left the paper in. That way I had less troubles with fraying, which was my problem all along on the other blocks. I have a long way to go, I know that… :) But I am happy because I am learning and steadily improving and that is all that anyone should expect of themselves as they go along! :) 

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