Sewing, Shoveling, Shivering : the weekend forecast :)

It’s been pretty cold here lately. Early morning temperatures of around 3 degrees and the wind chill makes it -15 or so. Having said that, do you remember wearing leggings to school, or it being so cold that the hair in your nostrils sort of curled up when you went outside, or do you remember plastic / leather car seats, versus fabric,  that were basically freezing when you got into the car. Do you remember when cars just would not start in the cold? I do, and I know that the last decade has had its cold spells here in Western PA., but for the most part, we have had milder winters than usual…to the point where I stopped taking the cushions off of the front porch furniture because at any given time we could have a warm spell. Only a few Christmas seasons ago it was close to 60 degrees right before Christmas.

Our weather pattern here for years has been to go into drought mid to late summer and have crispy brown ugly dried grass….this summer we had more rain than usual so I am not surprised that that weather pattern has carried into the fall and winter with our rain and snowfalls…I wish that I could send some of this precipitation out to California and other areas suffering from drought.

We are to get more snow this weekend and the temperatures are to drop to even lower levels, as in bitterly cold. I babysat the grands today and then went to the grocery store for a few things, ( along with everyone else / such long lines! :)  then filled all of the bird feeders to the brim, and hope to do nothing more over the weekend than to stay warm inside after some shoveling, and make ham, bean & vegetable soup, bake some cornbread or biscuits, and sew. I had frozen my Christmas ham bone for just such an occasion :) Maybe I’ll see if some of the family wants to come over on Sunday and enjoy…:)

This week I worked a little bit on this :

color red and green block

I like red and green. I have a tiny galley kitchen that is white with white / black flooring and valances and the accent pieces are red and green.

red and green in kitchen collage

I got back to the snowball quilt. It is pieced in the middle, then there is applique in all four corners. I gave needle-turn a try on the leaves on the one corner but I just have too much trouble with the fabric unraveling when I get to the point so it is back to glue-basting for me.

working on snowball quilt

Kate made a little rag wreath when she was over here on a snow-day…

kate wreath and color

Finishing up the Benjamin Biggs block took far longer than I thought…the little buds that go into each corner are a bit tedious and then in the end I decided that I wanted to outline the center with embroidery thread, so that is what I’ll be working on for Slow Sunday Stitching over at Kathy’s Quilts Just a simple backstitch…relaxing as can be. 

These gently rounded corners on the leaves on this quilt…are hard for me. Too many curves. I had a hard time. I am supposed to do gently rounded flowers in the red and green quilt block as well. I practiced on one…back basting and needle turn, and it was awful. Why couldn’t God have just made square flowers in this world, and rectangle leaves. Life would be easier! :)

I think that the embroidery outlining will look attractive and help the center to pop a bit and that it will also help any areas with slight fraying that have been Fray Checked to death already.

BB in hoop

I had the best of intentions in regards to joining the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year. I did  applique a little sewing machine block and started on to the tea cup and then stopped. It dawned on me that all of this sewing is wonderful in the winter but if I want anything to actually have something to quilt down the line before gardening season, that  I should just stick with what I have going on right now., because it is all slow-going for me :)

Happy Stitching ! :)

spools in sewing basket

And if you are in the Snow Belt..happy shoveling as well :)

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Five Random Frugal Things

  • Last week among the specials in the grocery store flyer were : Roast Beef at the Deli for 8.99 per lb.  Can you believe that? And it was advertised as a sale!

Meanwhile in the meat department, English cut shoulder roasts were on sale for 2.88 . I got this little roast for 5.85, and put it into the crockpot with vegetables layered on top and bottom, added my seasonings plus a can of Golden Mushroom Soup + 1/2 can of water, and there were several meals from that..and some to freeze.  If you have a large family to feed, the same scenario applies…just more roast and veggies.  There is so much good gravy from this that leftovers can be frozen and used for pot pies.

English Roast Collage

  • Tin foil has become quite expensive. I have learned to purchase the heavier foil since unless it’s been used to cover lasagna or something very messy, it can simply be rinsed and re-used, at least one more time.
  • I treat plastic storage bags the same way. If they were just holding lettuce or carrots or biscuits or anything that is basically clean and not very messy, they can be rinsed, turned inside out to dry and used again.
  • Here is one that I’ve been doing since raising my boys when they were young. Keep some graham crackers on hand, if you bake alot and use icing fairly often. Why? Leftover icing sandwiched between graham crackers, stored in a plastic container until they soften up a bit…results in a cookie far better than an Oreo sandwich cookie! :)  The same applies for Nilla wafers + leftover icing or anything similar to these examples, that you can use.  Buy them when they are on sale and store them away for the leftover icing day.
  • Then there is that old saying about the best things in life being free…for instance :


Jugsy Stretching


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