There once was a lady who started a blog…

There once was a lady who started a blog.

Her name is Dewena.

And I delighted in reading her blog posts and her posts were often just outstanding. Many of her posts took a great deal of time and research to write…and as time went on, between her and her husband, and his photography,  it became one of those blogs to look forward to and savor, several posts at a time, on a weekend, like perusing the pages of a favorite magazine.

Along the way, I recall Dewena struggling with the issue of the time that blogging took up in her life. It wasn’t the blog post that she struggled with, to my recollection, as much as her impeccable blog manners. For instance, if a blogger visited her, then she felt that she should visit them back.

I think that Dewena had it right. Canned email responses and replies in threaded comments, but no visits back, are not what most bloggers want. When they comment, they hope to get a return visit at some point at least. Blogging is easy if you just throw your own life up there and don’t bother to get involved with anyone else’s. In her goodbye post, Dewena said “I have met the nicest people in the world in blogging. You deserve fellow bloggers who will visit and comment. Anything less is discouraging.”

I think that Dewena had more concerns about being a good neighbor / blogger / visitor than most people, and I am sorry that she’ll stop blogging due to the time that it took up for her.  Fortunately she’s leaving her blog up for us to enjoy her older posts HERE 

I hope that she’ll change her mind and post here and there, even if it is just once per quarter 2014 :)

Having said that, much of what Dewena said could affect anyone who is thinking about cutting back in 2014 in regards to blogging.  I think that at this time of year everyone considers change going forward, and blogging is just one of many…Best Wishes to Dewena and all :)

Sunday Sewing : end of 2013

After Christmas Chaos ( our family dinner is here )  + Cleanup I managed to cut and sew borders around the snowball quilt center.

Sewing the border on the snowball quilt

I also ( finally ) stopped into Staples to get some patterns enlarged from this book.

Fig Tree Quilts

And I found some silver that was mixed with the regular dinnerware…

oops more silver to put away

And another round of Christmas Chaos returned for an afternoon…:)

Chaos Return

But once I was able to reclaim my dining room table ( which is my sewing studio :) I got a few applique shapes started.

preparing applique for snowball quilt

On Sunday I’ll be working on the applique portion of the snowball quilt. And before that, I might try to finish up the basket of oranges that I’d worked on prior to Christmas for the sampler quilt. Then it got shoved into a sewing basket  for a few days when Christmas took over the house here so it’s a bit wrinkled and crinkled  :)

Learning as I go in regards to the applique. For instance for the orange circles I went back to the old method of basting around the paper.  I thought sizing / starch / iron was going to be the way to go for everything but it is not, for me at least.  If I had to keep re-applying the sizing and ironing again to get peaks out, it dawned on me that it might take the same amount of time to just baste :) So I am learning as I go along that one method might work for me for one shape, and another method for a different shape.

applique this sunday collage

Seeing two recently completed traditional red & qreen quilts is inspiring. See Carla’s quilt HERE and Lori’s HERE Both are masterpieces and they are the sort of quilts that inspire less experienced people along the way.

Since they inspired me so much I am going to join in on the Benjamin Biggs quilt project.

Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk

It is my understanding that it is a block per month or every other month. I am not sure that I want a quilt that big but I do want a red and green quilt and I think it will be fun to join in on a project that so many other quilters will also be working on. Will it be a bit above my skill level ?  Absolutely! And will most of the other quilter’s blocks be better than mine? Yes! But I don’t care…I think that I will have fun and I will be learning as I go along.

The rag rug’s been brought out again …coming along there :) I used up two more rounds of torn strips and it is time to tear again. My issue now is that I don’t have much of the other colors left…what is left is mostly yellow. I had bought sheets and old nurse’s smocks and green tabbed curtains at the mission store awhile back for this project, and it may be that the middle part will be all yellow.

rag rug update

Yesterday brought a warming trend and today’s forecast is for a rainy day prior to the cold returning for the New Year.  Wishing you a Happy New Year! :)   Our traditional meal here in Western Pa. is kielbasa, sauerkraut, pork roast, and lots and lots of mashed potatoes! I can’t wait! :)

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Joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching 

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