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A little V.I.P was here on Friday. After taking his sister to school in the morning we came back home to have a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon and home fries.  ( and that V.I.P must have a growth spurt coming up because he ate my home fries too. )

Then there was a nice long bath…

Bathtub toys

The usual jumping on the bed and playing hide and seek and tickling under the covers…

Under the Bedcovers after the Bath

Next Andy had to have the same hair treatment as the V.I.P did since the V.I.P loves the scent so much…

Andy Got the Hair Treatment

( This only occurs when his older sister is not here…it is our secret that we put Andy into the doll’s beauty parlor chair when she is not around : )

We went out to visit my mom after that, and took books, as that is our custom…he loves to sit and read with the both of us and ‘show off ‘ to her a bit what he’s memorized about the books, or how he can count, etc. He then plays with her various knick knacks and later on we walk around the property and look for acorns, pinecones, and other treasures.

I took the couch quilt for my son out to show her the quilting…since that was finished and I was about half way through sewing the binding on at that point. I’ll be finishing it up on Sunday ( and joining with Kathy and some others for Slow Sunday Stitching

Once we got back from visiting my mom, my little grandson the V.I.P was testing the softness of the quilt and looking to see if his hands grew. ( In the summer I’d traced his and his sister’s hands into a block and quilted them. ) Oh how I love this child :) 

Brent and the Quilt Hand Measurements

While it has been cold here, it’s been rainy-dreary cold. The ground had been sodden and mushy and muddy. The Saturday forecast said that we were in for some REAL cold,  and snow, which is why I decided to put the quilt out on the line, take a few pictures, and say “Finish.”

I’d filled the bird feeders on Saturday morning, and done some Christmas shopping at Target for the kids, and done just about anything that I could think of that needed to be done prior to the dropping temps so that I did not have to go out on Sunday if I could avoid it.  By the time I got home and lugged in groceries and Christmas presents, etc., it was already getting quite cold and windy. Not five minutes after I took the quilt out for a picture and came back in ( with nose running and teeth chattering ) the snow started coming down and blowing. I don’t think that we are to get much precipitation on this round…just bitter cold and wind. ( though as I finish up this post, the ground is now covered with snow. )

Finished quilt Nov 22 just a wee bit of binding left to sew

Not a fancy pattern…just a nine patch from scraps, though there is a lot of hand quilting in it. While I did children’s hands, and some feathers, etc… for alot of the white blocks I just followed the zig-zag pattern that was in the white fabric. ( There are other posts about the hand-quilting so I am not going to bore you with it again :)

Glad that it is finished and little kids will be snuggling under it at my son’s house soon :)

A certain CAT is going to miss it when it goes !  It will get a final wash to rid it of pencil marks and her hair prior to leaving, of course :)

Kanga and the Couch Quilt

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Saving Money: High quality Bible for half the regular cost

I have loved books for all of my life, from the Bobbsey Twins through Nancy Drew through Lorna Doone and all of the Readers Digest Condensed Books that would come in the mail for my mom…there I read Jane Eyre and The Scarlet Pimpernel and many of the classics. Another treat to come back then was IDEALS…do any of you remember that ? There was a subscription to National Geographic as well as IDEALS and later on, Country Living.   My mom also had Gladys Tabor, D.E Stevenson, and a few books of that nature, which I read.

As a teen and young adult I read mysteries and thrillers and love stories and anything that was available. So as a book lover, would it be any wonder that I when I started taking my boys to church, that I’d be a Bible lover too?

From my own childhood, I remember a little red leather Bible from a VBS and a white leather child’s Bible. When I first bought a Bible to take to church and Sunday School and read at home as a young mother, it was a beautiful red leather one, though I imagine imitation leather,  and I am pretty sure it was a Holman Open Bible. About five years down the line I got a Ryrie Study Bible and used that for quite awhile. When my husband and I split up I left tons of books and magazines and record albums ( remember them? :) and much much more there and I only brought with me the latest Bible that I’d had….a brown imitation leather Spirit-Filled-Life Bible. It was already pretty beat up with many a Scotch-taped page and such. ( and oh the religious and spiritual books that I left behind…I just had no room…and they ran the gamut from evangelical to charismatic to scholarly to Buddhism to Protestant / Catholic to  Edgar Cayce to women’s studies to new age : )

When our old house sold I think that my ex donated alot of things to the library and such and I was not concerned with all of my old books..I was too busy trying to stay above poverty level and when I moved to this bungalow even if all of the books were still around there was still no space for them.

In the time since I’ve moved here, the only books that I have purchased over a 13 year period are memoirs & books of a historical nature, a few quilting books, and used  D.E Stevenson books, which I collected over the years…all fit into a little chest upstairs as I have sloping ceilings there and cannot have a tall bookcase. And after being here for a few years I ordered a TOME of a Bible…the New Oxford Annotated Edition with the Apocrypha, black bonded leather. Oxford makes nice Bibles…this is very sturdy, and very scholarly, and there is no bias to any of the notes.

For some reason I got a hankering for a new Bible recently.  My  birthday is coming up…I could treat myself to something, within reason.  I remember loving how that Ryrie that I’d had ages ago felt in my hand…the printing and production of it. I also thought that it might be nice to have a red leather Bible…and I wanted to see what new study bibles were out there now. It’s been 10 years at the least since I went Bible shopping.

There was an HSBC study bible that had alot of nice feedback but not so great in the production of it ( I really did my shopping online …countless reviews of this or that Bible ) in that people were reporting their pages sticking together and what have you.

Next I looked for a red cover Bible. Well I guess those are gone by the wayside…what is interesting when you Bible-shop online is that you will find not only people reviewing the translation or doctrinal basis of a version but also the publication and printing…how does it FEEL, does it lay flat, does the cover curl, how are the pages, and on and on. At this point in my life I was after a Bible that FELT good, that was going to hold up, that could be manipulated without pages in Isaiah falling out of the middle ( ahem, that “Spirit-Filled-Life” one had many such issues over time ) and so I started to check out the Ryrie ones, because I remember that was such a nice Bible.

Great! While the reviews said that they loved the study notes ( and there was much back and forth about the doctrine / not a concern for me at this point ) it would appear that many people who had replaced their OLD Ryrie Bibles for new were not happy with the new print and publication. This ran the gamut from covers to font to this, that and the other.

How disappointing to read that. Looks like Moody Publishing is not what it used to be ( nor most Bible publishers from all that I was seeing online in the way of reviews :(

Well in the end I got the Ryrie that I wanted and why ? I  bought a USED one, though it had never been used :)  I was able to, by shopping on Amazon, find a Ryrie Bible from a decade or more ago, fresh in its box, never touched. The printing and publication of it were what people were lamenting that they could not find now in the newer bibles, produced in the last few years.

So I was able to find a high quality Bible, brand new, at a used book price, and the publishing quality is from a decade ago. I think that it is a beauty…and it feels oh so wonderful to the touch.

Bible Collage


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