Early Morning Entertainment

Yesterday morning when I was in and out of the house taking snow pictures, the little squirrel showed up. I put a few peanuts out for him..several of them were on the porch railing. Within a minute I heard the bluejays calling to each other and here they came, swooping in and stealing the squirrels peanuts!

Well, I grabbed another handful. I put some under the chair for the squirrel to hide them from the jays, put the bluejay’s nuts on the opposite side of the porch, on the railing and in the flower container and grabbed my camera.

Bluejay on line


Blue Jay on Line 2 pic collage

bluejay diving for peanut collage

Blue Jay has his peanut now

See ya later!

Goodbye Bluejay till the next time


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It’s snowing …

The initial forecast was for a light coating of snow overnight. Tuesday would be mostly rain, then Tuesday night we could see heavy snow.

In the cool gray / blue light of early morning Tuesday, the snow was still falling. I have not tinted these photos in the two collages below, or done anything to make them appear this shade of blue…it is how it looked at that time of the morning.

Snow before Sunup collage

Very hushed and still, with large fat snowflakes falling steadily, and quite cold…so no rain for awhile yet.

Snow Collage 2

neighbors tree before dawn snow

This is the type of storm that they can’t quite predict accurately as if there is no warm up we could get much more snow than they were telling us that we would yesterday. That is most likely why the grocery stores were as crowded as could be. Only a few years ago, in a February, we were told 6 inches and got 18. You never know! :)

I do not decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but weather like this makes you feel like taking the “Welcome Fall” sign off the porch and putting the “Frosty Friends” one up and maybe moving on to a wreath and so on. :)

As the morning light appeared,  it looked like a winter wonderland forming outside. This is the time of year when the first few snows still feel as magical as they did when one was a child. Of course the magic wears off when you have to shovel, get all of the snow off the car, etc. The light dusting that was forecast appeared to be a good 3 inches of heavy wet snow by 7:30 a.m.

Another view crabapple tree

Clothespin on line

crabapple tree in snow

Snow collage later on

crabapples in snow

They are still saying that we’ll have a break from snow ( turning to sleet and freezing rain ) and then more snow tonight…well time will tell how much we end up with on this round in the end :)

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