Sewing project updates : Making a Rag Rug on a Loom and Hand Quilting

I had started a rag rug awhile back; worked on it for a day  or two once the loom was warped, and then put it and the pile of fabrics that I picked up at the mission store away for awhile, as there was so much going on at the time. I brought it back out the other day and decided to tear just enough strips to fit into a small basket, and try to get a row or two done each morning, at the very least.

( You think you are getting somewhere until you tighten all the rows and then it seems as if very little was done after all :)

The cat chased the coral colored strips as I tore them, but she really loves the green.  The green is soft brushed cotton of some sort…tabbed curtains. She does appreciate fine fabric…

kanga and the green fabric which was curtains When I got back to quilting on this couch quilt, I realized that I hadn’t got very far. I pretty much stopped over the hot summer days. I worked on 2 or 3 blocks over the last week. I had done a little bit of machine quilting a month or so ago ( outlining a few blocks ) but went back to hand quilting.  Five more to go. I have children’s hand prints and various motifs quilted in the white blocks.  Working on one of them here… In the end it will be 98% hand quilted but I am tired of it and just want it off my plate :) I have so many other things I’d like to work on :) I can’t wait to just hand it off to my son as a gift… Rug quilt and Kanga The latest one that I am quilting has a feather motif. Quilting another block feather template Meanwhile after doing a few more rows, using the last round of fabric strips, it was time to turn the loom over. From the various tutorials I had read or viewed, it is best to do so at intervals to keep the tension smooth.  I hope this thing doesn’t fall apart from something I have done wrong in the end ; that would be my luck…. Starting the other end of the loom now But if it did, would I make another one and do it better ? Yes because that’s the way I roll. If I gave up at the first imperfect sewing / fabric project I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today, which is Sewing Preschool 101, lol :)

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