Early Fall

  • We have had quite a few very chilly  mornings (  a few in the low 40’s ) but the afternoons have been pleasant, warm and sunny. The finches are still around, chirping their sweet songs and feasting on the sunflowers though the majority of the tall yellow sunflowers are spent now.

Sunflowers almost done

  • The zinnias and many of the flowers in the front and sides of the house are still going strong.

flowers in bloom sept 23

  • In the back the cleome does not look as if it will ever stop blooming and recently I was lucky enough to get a few shots of the cardinals that visit in the morning.

Cardinal sunflowers and cleome another view Cardinal and Cleome and Sunflowers

  • There is a row of tomatoes on the back porch slowly ripening,  though the plants are about done now. A few green ones left…though with the cool weather now I doubt I’ll do anything with these green ones but make some Fried Green Tomatoes one day soon :) These are the last of the ripe ones…many had blight and once I pick the green ones I’ll start to tear everything out.

tomatoes on the vine almost done

Still a few green ones left

  • As of the last weekend in September, while a few leaves have fallen here and there, there is still little change in foliage, and the neighborhood was still summer-like. Summer flowers still blooming and we were all out mowing grass as usual.  The scent of fresh mowed grass is always wonderful but it is particularly wonderful when the temps are not above 80 degrees, there is zero humidity, and a gentle breeze is wafting through the air. Our little borough has a Pumpkin Festival mid-October, so the first weekend in October is generally when everyone gets their Fall or Halloween decorations out on display.




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Nothing Says Fall Around Here Like a Wooly Bear Caterpillar


Brent and the Wooly Bear


Brent and the Wooly Bear Pic 2


Brent and the Wooly Bear pic 3


Wooly Bears usually curl up into a ball when you pick them up and they are frightened. After this Wooly Bear had been visiting for two hours or so and moved over to a McMansion ( from his starter home in the above picture ) he ceased to curl up and was quite used to us, crawling everywhere quite happily including on us. Yes he was released later on, much to his relief I am sure. The good news is that despite what the Farmer’s Almanac predicted, according to the Wooly Bear, winter will just be average this year :)

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