Hand Quilting & Blooms From the Garden

This rose bush looked as if it didn’t survive the winter but I drastically cut it back and now it seems happy again, along with the small daylilies and violas:

My larger daylily in the front is coming in to bloom along with the daisies and astilbe :

In the back along the fence the rose colored spirea has come in to bloom to contrast with his lighter pink sister :

And as to my Rose of Sharon quilt, I finished up the fan quilting on a large section and can now work on that border area.

I did work on another EPP Starflower but it is not appliqued yet and here and there I’ve been prepping leaves for a different applique project but I am mostly in the mood to just finish this at the moment and not get bogged down with other things…..not sure how long that mood will last, though :)

We have had a few days of what I call ‘nice’ weather…not going above 75 degrees and cool mornings.

I was out on my son’s deck on Friday evening with some friends who had come over with their dog…..She’s a Rottie just like Merle, my son’s.

It was fun to enjoy the evening, have a beer, see the dogs play and watch the grand kids chasing lightning bugs, just as I did as a child and my boys did as well.

We are going into a hot spell though, so I won’t be as contented now :) Enjoy your week whatever you are up to ! : )

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