Johnny Carson and Toilet Paper

Car’s in the shop & on Friday I went ahead and rented a car. The insurance company pays a certain portion and the remainder sounds cheap,  but once you get to Enterprise and pay for the insurance, etc. it gets expensive.

We are to get snow / freezing rain / who knows how much for sure….so I decided to run around like crazy on Friday and Saturday and return the car on Saturday afternoon prior to that, rather than pay for it any longer…. I would not want to drive it in bad weather anyway! :) And surely by Tuesday or so, my car would be fixed. ( If you missed this…the mouse that ate my car and budget story is HERE )

Everywhere that I went, out of force of habit, I’d come out looking for my gray Subaru Legacy and then remind myself that I had a red Toyota rental to find :)   Anyway, long story short, I’d arranged for my middle son to help lug some heavier things down to the antique mall with me, and then after that ( my last need for the car ) I’d return it to Enterprise. I went online to see if they were open until 5:00 or 6:00…and they close at NOON on Saturday. There went my best laid plans on saving money :(  My son was quite surprised that they closed that early on a Saturday as well.

Meanwhile between snow on the way and Superbowl Sunday tomorrow, the grocery store was like a madhouse.


Back in the day, Johnny Carson once caused a toilet paper shortage across America.

My MOM fell for this and to this day she has enough toilet paper stocked to survive a nuclear holocaust :)

There are MANY links to follow if you Google this but I’ll just show this one, if you are young and don’t remember it or are unaware of it. I was in high school at the time….10th grade.

He caused a toilet paper shortage across America with a joke :)

I am stocked up on toilet paper for the next round of snow along with my milk and eggs, etc. :)

snow b w shot

So do any of you remember this? :) How funny :)

Aside from Johnny Carson etc. it was a pleasant surprise today to be featured over at Brenda’s Cozy Little House along with some other bloggers. What an honor. Brenda’s post is HERE.

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Antique Mall Adventure Post 2

I mentioned in a recent post that I was getting some space in an antique mall in a beautiful large old house. The post is HERE if you missed the background story.

I’ll be renting 1/2 of a room that is pretty central to the store. When you walk in there are rooms to your left and right, then you climb a few steps and to your right is the cash register area. My room is opposite of that.

The cash register! What fun! :)

cash register

I have very little to start with…but in my mind since I wanted to not only have vintage items but handmade, I thought that if I could find a little loveseat or something to use to display pillows, quilts or what-have you, it would be nice.  And aside from one long skinny card table and two old wooden shelves with brackets, I had nothing else.

A trip to the thrift store …I found a bench for my DIL that she paid me back for, a little display table, and the perfect loveseat! It is an Ethan Allen in cream, neutral colors. Originally 100, on sale for 50, then on 40% off day I purchased it for 30.00.   There was an old metal card table in the back, and I picked it up for 3.00. I wanted to test the legs and when I got the table to standing position I couldn’t get the legs back down. It doesn’t work the way they make them today.

You have to put it face down on the floor, PULL the legs out of position and then they are ready to fold.  THIS technical genius did not figure that out, nor did about 4 other curious shoppers. A lady finally came along intriqued, saying she was a  table person or collector or something, and she’s the one that solved the mystery :)

First I want to show you the bench for my DIL. She’s been looking for benches and was telling me about one at Target for 200.00. This was 40.00, on sale for 20.00 then I picked it up for 12.00 due to the 40% off sale. Old school solid wood. She couldn’t wait to re-paint it and fix it up. SORRY this is just a cell phone picture that I’d texted her to see if she wanted it.


Then here’s the very unglamorous shot of the loveseat and tables dropped off in the room.

room with couch and stuff dropped off

I even think that we have the loveseat cushion on wrong after we lugged it in. Still, this is an Ethan Allan piece of furniture in perfect condition, purchased for 30.00. I think that I did well. And this is to be a series, right? Not just showing some miracle right off the bat :)

After that, my car broke down ( A Mouse ate it if you missed that post ) and we had snow, finally got the car towed, and I’ll be getting a rental for a few days to play catch-up.


I thought that you would be, so I took a few photos of various areas in this lovely place, Vintage Secrets. There is so much…I am sure that I’ll take more down the line. 

In the entryway :


A fun contrast in one room…a piece sign pillow and vintage quilt :

fun contrast peace pillow and vintage quilt

Beautiful dolls :


Pyrex and Dishes and More Oh MY! The color…just loved this area! :)

pyrex and dishes and more oh my

I showed this beautiful vintage Singer in a previous post but in case you missed it :

Singer in Antique Mall

In the same room was this old Victrola:


I’ll do another post and show some more once I’ve caught up :)

Meanwhile if you happen to be reading this, have a booth at an antique mall and a post or some posts about it, showing it….oh please link that up in a comment since I have no clue what I am doing in regards to display and would love the help and inspiration very much! And I suppose we’d all like to see it as well :) 

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Pretty Day and Blue Jay and The Mouse that Ate my Car

I was sewing this morning and could hear the blue jay calling from outside. I put a few peanuts out for him. Even though it was extremely cold, the sun was shining so I went back in to put a coat on and get my camera.

Meanwhile, I mentioned the other day that my car had broken down. Just out of the blue. I got a ride home and then got a ride yesterday and had it towed. The Subaru dealer called this afternoon to tell me that a mouse had chewed through the wiring harness of my engine.  What?  

If you give a mouse a cookie….”

He’ll go for your car!

snow and shadows on roof

blue jay collage

ice covered flower stems

bluejay with peanut from the back

tree against sky

Snow covered pine tree

Well they just don’t have this part sitting around so it’ll be a few more days until I have my car. My son suggested that I check with the insurance company to see if this was covered. Really? Well lo and behold it is. Now, I have a 500.00 deductible but that’s better than 800-900.00, right?

That was one little Mighty Mouse!

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Antique Mall Adventure : Vintage Secrets

A week or so ago, I was thinking ‘what if I make and buy all of this stuff and no one buys it on Etsy?” :) Now, I have had some sales, and several people were nice enough to come back and leave a good review on the shop but it is nice to have your eggs in more than one basket.

There are some fun things that I’ve picked up that I have not listed there…some I have yet to take photos of, some I was just holding off…for instance I have to see what box this will fit in and then pack and weigh it. Then determine a shipping cost, then make the listing, which is a bit of a tedious process. For these cheaper items ( and my store is mostly comprised of them ) it’s a bit time-consuming. As to photographing and listing pillow covers…it’s even worse, lol. I can get a better photo of a bird in flight than a pillow :)

flour sifter

I was wondering if there were some local flea markets / craft fairs going on around here…not the big seasonal ones that I was familiar with, but something that was ongoing. I did a bit of Googling for my county and came across one that was listed as a weekly occurence. I emailed the contact, asking if this was still going on.

I heard from her within a day and no it was not. But she was a dealer at a local Antique Mall ( no space there ) and now a co-owner of an antique store in the next town down from me. They just opened in May and were steadily growing.  She sent me a link to their FB page and told me that there were 19 dealers and 2 craftspeople and a few spaces left to rent.

Vintage Secrets brochure pic

The cheapest spaces were in the basement…a corridor area and then a small room. The rest of the basement was filled with antique furniture…I was drooling over an old card catalog down there :) Still, the upstairs was so nice…I felt sure that I’d get lost in the basement. In the end, she offered to let me take half of one of the larger rooms upstairs. The first one was off to the right when you come in, and the second one was opposite the cash register area.

The first one would be ideal for a person who had many kitchen-related items since there were kitchen cabinets in there. This is just a cell phone picture, sorry…but I did want you to see why I decided against it in the end. There is no way that I could do it justice with just a few vintage Anchor Hocking dishes to my name :)

the kitchen room

After thinking about it for awhile I took the one that is opposite the cash register area. It’s central to the store. So I’ll be renting 1 /2 of a room there for 100.00 per month and I’ll need to work there two days per month as part of the deal. This is all rather scary….but I was very up-front with her, telling her that I didn’t have much yet, and that part of this was not vintage but handmade items. The lease is month-to-month, though…If it’s a total loss it is not as if I am doomed to failure for a year or anything :)

There’s more flexibility with something like this versus Etsy, though. Awkward heavy items or old furniture pieces that I might pick up and paint? Can go here. What didn’t appeal to Etsy buyers…try here; that sort of thing. What I am finding with Etsy is that they recently changed something…so that all of these people that created ‘treasuries’ now have to run around hearting and favoriting each other because from what I gather that is now what gets you onto the Trending Items. Well if you are selling old jewelry or collectibles running 100.00 and up, fine but if you are selling flour sifters for under 10.00 I don’t know how much time you can invest in all of that ‘team’ activity as well…Still on the Etsy Learning Curve here :)

This post is getting long…I’ll do a little series and show more on another day. I will say that I was worried and needed a bit of feedback about pricing, antique malls versus Etsy, etc. and consulted an expert.

Laura from I’m So Vintage  was kind enough to respond to my email. Most of you are probably familiar with Laura but if not, she has a very popular blog, Etsy store ( with about 10,000 items to my 10, ha ha ) and is an expert in not only vintage and antiques but psychology as well. She held my hand very nicely :)  She’s NOT good enough to ever make me want to go to the dentist, though. She’s not a miracle-worker :) 

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More Snow ( well, it’s January : )

As I type this post about snow, I, as many of you may be, are worried about friends and family that are in the path of that blizzard. Or perhaps you are in the path.

Judy from New England Garden and Thread  is one such friend but before she lets us know how they fared, her Monday post is so cute…all about the little houses on the ice there, each one different from the other….that I thought I’d show a link to the post.

They are called bob houses or ice shanties and Judy has a nice collection of photos there as well as more information about them. I get a kick out of these when she shows them to us in the winter. Visit there and enjoy : ) For any of you that are fascinated by Tiny Houses these take the concept to a new level.

We got more snow here in Western Pa. The forecast was for snow on Sunday night but there was only an inch or two and the treated roads were nice and clear at 5, 6,  and 7 a.m.   Then two snowflakes fell and all of the schools declared a 2 hour delay. Then many more snowflakes arrived and the roads were terrible when the buses were out.

Javis couldn’t even lift his head and smile for a phone-text-picture-for-Mommy as the snow was coming down and blowing into our faces at the bus stop.

morning snow collage

It snowed for most of the day and while I mentioned in a prior post that my car had broken down yesterday, I decided to just wait until tomorrow to have it towed. I didn’t want to ask my youngest to drive me there as I am not sure how his newest old car is in the snow…plus I imagined that tow trucks would be busy rescuing people in accidents or what-have-you and I didn’t want to prolong my wait.  Unfortunately they won’t come and tow your car unless you are there. 

snow on crabapple tree

My angel lost a wing last winter but she’s gained a crown :)

snow angel

snow collage

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Some Coincidences are Too Clear to Take Lightly

I was reading a post on Amy’s blog, Ms. Toody Goo Shoes the other day, and one of the photos of her desk had a book in it. The book was one that I’d had years ago, and I’d purchased the next book by that author as well. While the second book is here somewhere, I no longer had the first book. I must have given it away at some point in time.

A day or two later I was at a local thrift store and I recognized the pink spine of that book there. And they had not one, but two of them. I thought that was a bit of a coincidence and that I should purchase it and bring it home, which I did.

Simple Abundance bookI

I had enjoyed this book very much years ago and looked forward to enjoying it again. I don’t usually look at the books there…and on this visit I was there in regards to a bench that I thought my DIL would like to repaint, and some other pieces of furniture that I was looking for.   I was texting pictures of things to her and she wanted the little bench and would pay me back if I got it that day.

It was only when I was standing at the counter to pay for it and hold another piece that was heavy and we’d need to come back for with a truck,  that my eye rested on the bookshelf and caught that pink spine and I remembered Amy’s post. When I saw two of them there I knew that I was supposed to get one. Over time I have learned not to take such coincidences lightly.

Fast forward a few days later. I’ve been worried about a few things lately and remembered the coincidence and decided to just take some time and open the book and relax and read a bit. On the inside cover was an inscription. It was dated September 1998. The book was a gift to someone and it said ” Dear XXX….Best wishes for each day and be happy. God Bless” and then it was signed.

The book has a ribbon bookmark in it. When I opened the book  it was marked with the ribbon to January 22nd. That was the day that I purchased the book.

I did get the shivers a bit about that :)

What did it say for that day?

Go get your own book…I’m not telling you.

Seriously, it was titled “The Prosperity of Living ” and the focus was on finances, focusing on turning inward for strength; a sentence that said “Keep going. Don’t stop. You’re on the right path” ( etc. ) If getting this book was a divine coincidence that message was for me, yes.

Today the car broke down…long story / don’t need to go into it. But after I got a ride home … and I was pretty cold by then…I decided to check out today’s page.  Sarah was quoting Rainer Maria Rilke who said “If your everyday life seems poor, don’t blame it; blame yourself; admit to yourself that you are not enough of a poet to call forth its riches….”

So I shall call forth the riches of my car breaking down! We have a forecast of snow…perhaps 3 inches, perhaps 8…who knows. They keep changing it. So on the day that my car broke down, I was already stocked up on groceries, and the only reason that I was running out was a quick trip to Staples. Aside from needing a ride, I didn’t have to worry about anything else. I’ll worry about what is wrong with the car on another day.

Scarlett O’Hara : ” I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Some coincidences are too clear to take lightly. If you find them occuring in your life, take them seriously.

I am sure that God’s using this book for me at this time in my life as encouragement. And used Amy and her post first :) If that is really true, it is mind-boggling, isn’t it.  

We live in a physical and cyber world now. You might take a casserole to a sick neighbor or read about the people that dropped off a “porch present ” to Stacey at Poofing the Pillows after her surgery.  

 You keep Diana over at Nana Diana Takes a Break in your thoughts and prayers and check her blog to see if she’s posted an update.

You were already worried about Balisha at Simply Balisha before she even posted about what’s going on…and she needs prayer.

We all have examples like this in our lives. But if God used a random post by Amy to touch MY life, if that is true, then when you get an inspiration to do a post, do it. Who knows who or what it is for :)

Now, do you think that I am crazy or do you think that such coincidences, all lined up in a pretty row,  one after another for me, are to be taken seriously? I am the sort of person that questions everything. I think that is why the ribbon marker on the date that I purchased the book sealed the deal for me. I can’t think of how it could be clearer for me / so that I did not question it or dismiss it. If it was not for that marker I probably would not have done this post.

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Snow, Sew, & an Antique Singer

We woke up to snow on Saturday morning. This was only our second snowfall of any significance this season and it was the heavy wet kind that clings to the branches and is very pretty ( if it is under 4 inches…anything over that and it’s a pain :)

These were taken at around 8:30 a.m.

white snow collage

Earlier, at 7:30 a.m while it was technically getting light out,  this is how the camera saw the snow. Aside from cropping I’ve not done a thing…the camera said that the snow was blue.

blue snow collage

For Sunday’s Slow Stitching I am working with different colors. This baby quilt in progress uses the same colors and fabrics from a larger quilt made last year. While rooting around in the scraps, I found just enough of the little owls fabric left to make some hexie-owls to applique along the sea foam green border.

baby quilt with hexies

One and a half are done; two more prepped to go for Sunday. Then I’ll do a few more for the other side.

After that I will probably find a print for a final border to finish it off. No babies on the way in the family or anything, though :)  When I finish this up it will go to the Etsy shop or to a space that I just rented ( gulp ) in an antique mall kind of place. I’ll post about that in more detail down the line but I WILL show this from that store for any sewist / Singer / antique enthusiasts :)

This particular room was a treasure trove of old stuff, including a Victrola. But how about that saw on the sewing machine table? I call it a Super Seam Ripper :) Isn’t this antique Singer a beauty, though?

Singer in Antique Mall

We have some more snow on the way …not sure how much will really happen yet; I still remember the February about 4 years ago that they forecasted 6 inches and we got 18, lol!

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FYI!   Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts is for ANYONE working on some sort of hand-stitching or slow-stitching project, be it quilting, crochet, cross-stitch, etc. Join in :)

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January Randoms / Slice of Life

Some January Randoms / Slice of Life around here :

It’s been cold, and it’s been dreary. I haven’t decorated for Valentine’s Day since my boys were little and back then it was minimal. Back in ‘the day’ it was all about their shoeboxes for school, not home decor :)

My January decor is plain, and reflects what is outdoors.  Around mid-February I start to bring out some color but January is just about some snowmen here and there  ( HERE ) or something plain and simple. After the riot of color between fall decor and then Christmas I am happy with that for awhile.


January is one school delay after another ( I am re-living that all over again with the grandkids :) and two layers of clothing plus a heavy cardigan, or a fuzzy bathrobe, and hot chocolate.

hot chocolate

Arriving here early a.m.; hot chocolate is appreciated. Later on, a hearty breakfast for the little ones.

brent in the morning 2

January is also about feeding and enjoying the little birds, though this picture is from last year. I resolved this season to not focus on bird or critter photos since I’d spent so much time doing so the year before.

Shining on birds such as titmice

It’s also about snow, salt pellets, or mud being tracked in; no photos taken of that! :)

This January I was quite pleased to enjoy the 2nd season of The Paradise. I’d gotten hooked on the first one but the 2nd series was not available at that time.

The Paradise

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, and a fan of other quality BBC series, you might enjoy this one if you are not already familiar with it.

The tenants moved out at my son’s first house recently and he was cleaning up and doing some work over there prior to the new ones coming in. He texted and asked if I wanted some flower pots that they’d left behind. I said, sure. Even though I have plenty of flower pots and raised beds, why not?

I expected 3 or 4 pots.

Well,  he brought them over and unloaded them into the side yard and there are quite a lot of them! :) I just took a picture through the dining room window. Even though it’s cold and dreary and January, those flower pots made me think of spring. Of dirt, and seeds, and what shall I plant in them :)

flower pots

Last but not least, I started up a little Etsy store recently and hope to grow it as I go along. I had a few orders thus far but the latest one came with a little message saying that she was a reader of my blog, as well as how the order was going to be put to use ( for children. )

That was fun to read and Mary if you see this, it put a smile on my face that morning :)

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Fun Finds if you are still a kid at heart

I will be joining up with the Friday Flea Market again this week but rather than show you what I am linking up there, I will show you a few recent fun finds that I have not listed in the shop as yet.

Prior to that, here are two Etsy sellers that don’t have a blog but you might like to visit their shops. I met them on a forum where there was a discussion about blogs, etc.

First up, how can you beat this name : Buy R Vintage Junk  which is obviously a vintage shop,  and then for variety, Ivory Mint Cards 

As to my recent fun finds; This old puzzle set with all of the pieces intact:

Animal Picture Puzzles

AND JACK ! :) An OLD one. My youngest son was over here while Jack was still out and he played with him for several minutes and then did something with his phone and Snap Chat.  I guess that Snap Chat is the ‘latest’ :)

Jack box collage

Coming upon Jack reminded me of when I was a little kid and we had about 5 TV channels, if that…and I loved watching the Romper Room show :)

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Amaryllis & Snowmen

I have seen several bloggers that had Amaryllis started early, in time for Christmas.

My experience with Amaryllis is that for two Christmases in a row, my oldest son and his fiance at the time ( sadly, broken up later on ) provided Amaryllis starter kits and then after Christmas, I enjoyed starting them and watching them grow and bloom.

I am sure that you have all heard the phrase ‘ a woman’s touch’ and I can say that after my son and his fiance broke up, I never saw an Amaryllis kit again or any other of the feminine things that she had obviously picked out :)

Anyway, I was at Home Depot last weekend to pick up some cleaning supplies.  They had these on clearance. Already assembled and growing! Originally 15.00 / on sale for 5.00. I couldn’t resist…if you are a regular reader here, you know that I like to grow things :)

So I picked one up for me, and one for my DIL. I told her that the kids should have fun watching it grow.


A few years ago, my Christmas present Amaryllis looked like this once it had bloomed:

amaryliss opened

The one that I purchased isn’t growing very quickly. Since we had the Arctic blast and the galley kitchen was so cold, I decided that perhaps the Amaryllis would like to be moved from there.  While the Christmas decorations are put away, I leave some snowmen out. And there is a snow family as well. The Amaryllis moved to the piano to live amongst them for awhile.

amaryliss and snowmen

Others are here and there…

Sparkle and Glitter

snowmen on table

Most of the snow that we had recently is melted though there are still sections of ice here and there from a freezing rain after that. We had some snow-showers today but just a light coating.

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