To those of you that subscribe via EMAIL / RSS

Hi there, If you are an email or RSS feed subscriber, I think that at this point the only thing still working in regards to my feed ( Feedburner ) is email, and Bloglovin’.  Before the email breaks down as well, I wanted to let you know that if you stop getting email updates that you may have to re-subscribe, sorry.

OR : If you subscribe by email and want to shoot me a quick email with the subject header “Email Subscriber” and  your email address, I can compile a spreadsheet ( since I can’t access this data on Feedburner ) and change you over at some point on my end if I need to.  Email

Here is what is going on : Feedburner has not been updating blogrolls, some RSS, etc. with my posts for over a week now.

Feedburner forums do not seem to be supported by Google employees running around trying to help you. It’s free but if something goes wrong…there does not seem to be any support for it. There are some helpful people on there…but I don’t think that they are paid Google folk.

Furthermore I can not get ‘in’ to retrieve any files that have a subscription list of my email subscribers…and after visiting a few forums I see that it’s not only me. It’s just a big mess :)

In a nutshell, the email updates are still working. If they stop, I’ve probably changed the feed or it’s broken down entirely. I am researching all of this and I find it very frustrating. If you visit here regularly via email / RSS I’d just ask you to bookmark this site for the moment and if you see no updates you can visit that way until I get this sorted out.

This is a hobby blog. Yes there are ads on the sidebar but frankly, people don’t click on the ads enough for me to even recoup the cost of hosting, domain name and spam protection costs, so you can understand why I’d not want to simply migrate away from Feedburner to another company such as Feedblitz and have to pay monthly fees. ( They look wonderful, though,  and even send you a 30 page migration guide to make your head explode :) They are for big blogs / companies from what I can see.

There are other options that I am researching ……at any rate, I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to have to change something soon, it’s complicated, and if you are a regular visitor, you know that I post fairly often, so if you stop seeing updates, either I  fell off the face of the earth or had to change the feed and figure out a new subscription option :)

OR by some miracle, a Google person will show up and fix everything …who knows! :) Anyway…like I said, this is a hobby blog. If it were pro, I’d have a newsletter going out to subscribers, and not have to do a post about this, lol! :)

Little grandson turned 5 / weekend party

My little grandson turned 5 last Tuesday. It seems just yesterday that he was a wee baby, and looking through older pictures…it seems that just yesterday my oldest son was home for a visit in the spring and we were enjoying this little one delighting in his new ability to put his socks on all by himself :)

brent and socks collage

I gave him his gifts on his real birthday and then there was a party at my son’s house on the weekend. It had quite the attendance…many children, family and friends, and of those friends, three had babies to play with…oh, their parents did not have to hold them very long once they arrived. Those babies got passed around a lot :)

Since I had taken my son’s wedding pictures and many people had enjoyed them, there were myriad requests for group photos at this party. When I started to upload pictures to the computer I discovered that I had taken over 200.  Don’t worry; I am not posting them all here :) Just one :)

Here is my grandson with my niece and her boyfriend.

shae markus brent

He had a wonderful day and the weather held up ( a bit too hot for me but most normal summer-weather lovers such as my niece thought that it was just perfect. :)

One of the dishes that was my contribution to the party was a perogy lasagna. I will post a recipe soon as it was a great success and was consumed swiftly!

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Posts not Updating on Blogrolls : the joys of blogging

As I googled every phrase under the book that I could think of in regards to recent posts not updating on blogrolls, and read many queries on forums about this, I came across this post. LOL  ! From an article last November at  Dwellings-the Heart of Your Home Cindy’s visual ( below ) was JUST what I needed at the time.

I had been reading some blogs this weekend ( most are .blogspot ) and realized that my latest post on their blog rolls was dated back to last Tuesday. Nothing new that I had posted showed up since then.

My feed seems to be working. It works for email subscribers ( unless it goes to spam which was affecting a few lately, and so I signed up for bloglovin’ since they liked that service and requested that I do so. )

Yes, the feed is Feedburner but I’ve never had an issue with it, I validated it, I can see all my recent posts on it as well as on bloglovin. They just stopped showing up on blogrolls.  From what I’ve seen on WP and Blogger help / forums this issue is not uncommon, it happens here and there to people over the years, no one seems to have ever solved it or figured it out, it seems to be on Blogger’s end and eventually ( for some at least ) sorted itself out and their recent posts showed up again.

Well, at any rate….my feed shows up on Feedburner and bloglovin’ :)

Current Feed Content


Anyway, I’ve been posting as usual / the updates have not gone through to various .blogspot blogrolls and I don’t know why…bloglovin’ shows the same list as Feedburner, as does Netvibes :

I shall cross fingers and hope that this latest post is one that .blogspot / blogger / whomever handles blogroll updates picks up again ! :)

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Happy Hyacinth Bean Vine

I did a post ages ago in regards to Balisha sending some Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds as a lovely surprise to me to start in my garden HERE.

Well, when I put the plant, which was quite happy and healthy at the time, into the ground, the battle for its life began. Existing leaves were eaten as fast as they could grow. No amount of daily watering helped…two new leaves would grow and then the holes would appear.  In the end I dusted it with a wee bit of Sevin. I do not like to use this stuff and it was only a last resort. It did give the plant a break and it grew a bit taller.

I started to water it even  more…’Come ON Mr. Vine…you were supposed to fill this area this year!’ and finally it’s taking off.

It reached the porch railing and the first flower appeared at the bottom of the vine. In case the leaf-eaters returned and won in the end, I figured that I better get a picture of that flower for Balisha right away, to be safe. When I loaded the photo onto my computer, I saw the happy face! Do you see it? :)

H Bean Vine

How about now?

happy face in vine

Or now in B/W? ( Or am I nuts :)

happy face in vine in black and white

Balisha if you see his happy face I think it’s for you :)

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End of July Sewing and a Fellow Blogger in a Natural Disaster

I’ve been working on a few things here and there over the last two weeks. Here’s my end of July sewing update :)

I sewed four more Crosses and Losses blocks together to create a larger section, and then at that point, I sewed all the sections that I had thus far together.

working on

I don’t have a pattern for a specific quilt or anything…I am just using a Jinny Beyer Crosses & Losses block pattern and then combining them in this manner, and using some Kona solids that I purchased awhile ago..taking my time, but I do like it thus far. Awhile back when I’d posted the yellow & purple blocks, a blogger commented that it looked very modern! That surprised me a bit, because I’ve been thinking of it as ‘my Amish quilt’ and the Amish are old-fashioned. It is interesting to see several perspectives in regards to something :)

I also finished up the 3rd red and green block ( in the middle on the line, along with the first two for reference  )

red and green blocks on the line 3rd one done now

I had worked on binding my table runner for a few hours one day, and then put it aside. I picked it back up recently. The backing is the remainder of a very old fabric that I’d purchased over a decade ago. I’d used some of it in a Dresden Plate quilt.

So there I was, sitting at the dining room table sewing this light purple binding onto the back of the yellow fabric backing and it *dawned* on me that this matched my current view out of the dining room window in a sense! :)

purple and yellow

Then, I don’t know if this ever happens to any of you but I’d also been doing applique on another project ( the eagle quilt; a flower block ) and between working on that, and this table runner, the next day a muscle or tendon in my thumb area was quite painful…a bit of arthritis, perhaps? At any rate I had to dig out a hand brace…this happened once before so I had one here. It’s not the hand that does the sewing, it’s the hand that is doing the work of clutching the fabric. So that clutch-muscle by the thumb said ‘lady, give me a break!” :)

Currently in the hoop for Slow Sunday Stitching is this : ( my little grandson’s birthday party is Saturday / what’s in the hoop now won’t be touched until Sunday :)

currently in the hoop for SS sunday

Finally I wanted to mention that while some of you may be aware of this, others may not. Audrey of Quilty Folk  had not posted since last Wednesday. Since she lives in Washington where the fires were, and is a regular poster, many of us became concerned and emailed her, yet heard nothing back ( more concern ! )

Her sister, Liz,  came on to the blog a few days ago and let us know that Audrey lives in Pateros and had to evacuate. While she and her family did escape with their lives, and while her home was spared, her parents lost their home.

Upon request, Liz provided an address if anyone in the blogging community would like to donate money to help the parents out with immediate needs.

Lionel & Joyce Wilson

PO Box 352

Pateros Wa, 98846

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The garden is thriving

Here’s my garden update for the week :)

The trumpet vine has come in to bloom and it and the purple rose of sharon bush complement each other nicely. I have to trim that vine constantly but it’s so pretty that it is all worth it in the end.

thunbergia and rose of sharon

Last week the hollyhock continued to grow at the rate of around an inch per day and was 11 1/2 feet when I took this picture. By Monday, July 21st,  it was 11.9 feet, when I measured it last.

hollyhock close to 12 feet now collage

hollyhock almost hitting roofline

The garden is thriving.

thriving garden collage

I have picked 3 zucchini thus far, the cucumbers are flowering, I have had about 6 ripe tomatoes with many more on the way though they are not coming fast enough to suit me. The lettuce has yet to bolt, and I’ve picked green beans thrice now. Sunflowers ( some, not all ) are blooming and I noticed that one of the little squirrels didn’t want to wait for the seeds…he was sitting on the fence eating the petals off of one of them the other day.

vegetables and sunflowers collage

Along with the squirrels and finches, the bees and butterflies enjoy these sunflowers as well.

bees and butterfly sunflowers collage

I am sure that my neighbor does, since half of them or more are pointing towards her house and not mine :)

sunflower from the back

The pink rose of sharon bush in the back of the house is blooming now. The morning glory has started to bloom and in this shot the white lily next to it was almost ready to put on her show. Phlox and the first calendula have now made an appearance.

pink rose of sharon etc collage

I did not plant any morning glory seeds this year…I have ‘volunteers’ every year so I decided to hold back and see how they did on their own.

Here’s the lily starting to bloom over the weekend. I remember the first year that I’d planted her. She grew taller and taller and taller still, and I was so looking forward to her blooming. Then she just toppled over from the weight of the first bloom! I was devastated.

Looking back, it is as if she was a baby just learning to stand that year. Now she’s strong and sure and has myriad blooms and very little can topple her now! And she’s just begun…

White lily

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A frugal little quilt retreat

squirrel quilt retreat picture

I haven’t been in our local thrift store for ages so I stopped in there on a whim the other day. Someone had donated many older quilt magazines. It is rare that I purchase a quilt magazine these days, aside from the occasional 100 blocks ones, which I did twice this past year.

But here was a treasure trove of older magazines; some as old as 2002.  They seem thicker and have more detail than what is out there today. So I picked up 11 magazines at .35 cents each! : )

receipt 4 dollars

And now I have a little quilt retreat right out on the front porch.

quilt mags from thrift store on porch

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Tuesday Treasures : Finches and Food

I have Niger Seed sock bags on the two pines in the front of my front porch. The finches enjoy those but I have yet to get a picture because if I am sitting down out there the view is not right, and if I stand up or come out the door, the finches fly away.

I did spot one on the sunflowers in the back and when I went outside he flew around, played peek-a-boo on the trumpet vine, and then did stay still for a few seconds.

Goldfinch Collage

It’s nice to see what’s growing in my little garden and come into the house with some veggies to wash and eat later.

veggies just picked from the garden

I do love fried zucchini. I know of two methods.  Either I dip the zucchini in egg first, then use a mixture of bread crumbs, corn meal and flour, or I flour it first, and then dip it in egg.  This zucchini was cooked with the second method and then simply lightly salted and peppered and dusted with Parmesan. I use a minimal amount of olive oil…just enough to get me by.

fried zucchini and tomatoes

Tomato season has begun. Oh, there is nothing like fresh garden tomatoes, is there…either from your own or the local farmer. Time to enjoy while it lasts :)

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Touring Through Blogland

I was graciously invited by Cathy over at My 1929 Charmer to join Touring Through Blogland.

I’ve been reading Cathy’s blog for several years now. I was first attracted to the blog because she too, had an older home, and it is, indeed, a Charmer. But she also charmed me with humorous posts such as her adventures in stealing hydrangeas!  ( HERE )  So she’s funny..that keeps you coming back. She’s also practical…need a refresher course in canning or want to try your hand at it? Even if you know what you are doing you’d have to admit that this has to be one of the all time best posts about canning tomatoes on the Net. YES I CAN .

Tutorial: Canning Tomatoes

Cathy is also incredibly creative…when she’s not out there stealing hydrangeas or at home canning tomatoes you can find her renovating, decorating, sewing, cooking, gardening, and a host of other things. She’s had a Master Gardener series going on and her recent posts about her July gardens are amazing. It is just beautiful there, inside and out. And yes, I trimmed my lilac bush when she said I should :)

Touring Through Blogland has four questions to answer.  I will try to be brief and send you on quickly to the next three bloggers :)

What am I working on ?

In the spring, summer and fall, an ongoing project is always something involved with gardening. When I purchased this house 14 years ago the outside was bare. Over the years I surrounded it with bushes, flowers and vines…all planted myself with much hard labor, and then for the last two years I’ve worked on adding raised beds for vegetables ( Nothing fancy…it’s a hodgepodge :)

Later on in the summer I’ll probably be canning tomatoes and making some jams, just as I did last year. I made several varieties of jams and am still enjoying them now and I’ve given plenty away as well.

I like to quilt, and have several long term projects that I pick up and work on here and there.

touring blogland collage replace with this one

How does my work differ from others?

Well, I am a pretty average person here, and while I am trying to learn and improve my skills,  I’d have to say that most quilters are far better than me, and I look to them for inspiration. I haven’t killed anyone with my canning or cooking,  so I am ok there…and as to gardening, while my home has no to-die-for landscaping or the cottage flower garden of my dreams, or anything fancy, gardeners are all the same. We just love it. We get a thrill from seedlings pushing up through the earth, dirt under our nails, the first tomato, and every bloom.

Why do I create / write what I do?  

I decided to see if I could get a blog up and going on a whim of sorts..and when I did that I was completely clueless about blogging, linky parties, the friendships one could make through blogging, etc. I continue to do it as it is an outlet for photography, which I enjoy and because of the wonderful people and friendships formed in Blogland :)

 How does your writing/creating process work?

I take a lot of photos. Basically I just take pictures, sort through pictures later, and do a post around them.  Some weeks I will put a post up for several days in a row and other weeks just a few..I don’t have a schedule or anything in particular going on :)

Next up on the tour : I think that you will find a nice variety :) 

First, Joyce at “What Happens at Grandmas” is not doing this tour because it’s the busiest week of her year right now. I decided to include her anyway….though she’ll not be doing a post about the tour. I am including her for the shock and awe factor. What she’s doing is putting on a carnival. The carnival is on the 25th and she’ll probably have a few posts up about that after she collapses. Here’s a photo that I ‘lifted’ from her blog from last year’s carnival. Bear in mind that this is just one booth.

Joyce does things such as making dinosaurs out of paper mache that are as big as a house, then she hides them in the woods behind her house and takes her grandkids out for a walk to find them. So while you are at her blog, search for her dinosaur post. She does have a post up now about one of the attractions that will be at this year’s carnival and it’s not only amazing but hilarious! ( She’s not normal…just about everything on her blog is like this :)

Moving right along, there is Audrey from Quilty Folk. Audrey’s been blogging for four years and I am still in the process of going back through her older posts here and there looking at all of the quilts she’s worked on. The woman is a wonder-woman quilter. Audrey is quite the writer too, which  is one of the things that makes her blog so interesting. She has a series on her blog about the courage to feel and be creative, she’s moving into pattern designing, her quilts all have an unmistakable mark of her personality and I just love the way that she uses color in her quilts. She’s also fairly convincing..after all she’s why I just started my eagle quilt project :)

Here is one that I just fell in love with…she showed it to us around the 4th of July.

There’s only about 1000 more lovelies like it there :)

Last but not least, Deborah from The Beautiful Matters. Deborah just started her blog in November 2013, and I found her not too long after that, but was amazed that she’d not been blogging for several years!  It’s a beautiful and polished blog but I go back there because she’s the epitome of what I consider to be a great lifestyle blogger. Variety, and all of it well written. A recent post, “A Tribute to My Son” had me in tears. Yet you might also find a post all about nails and biotin and cuticle oil and polish. Next up a book review, or a tablescape, or a trip to an ice festival, or a post about tea with a friend. There’s always a wonderful variety and she lives up to the name of her blog with every post :)

Cathy, thanks for the invite. Audrey and Deborah, thanks for accepting mine. Joyce, ha ha even if you turned me down due to making carnival booths and huge paper mache cats that take weeks to create and will spit hairballs out for your grandchildren’s entertainment, I couldn’t take no for an answer / I want people to enjoy your carnival whether you can do a tour post or not :)

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