Slow Stitching this weekend; end of February

  • My car broke down awhile ago, and the Subaru garage said it was due to a mouse eating the engine wiring harness. ( if you are a regular reader, you know all about this. )  They had to replace much more than that in the end, but I thought it was over.
  • Then about 2 weeks ago it broke down for my son. He had it towed. A few days later after much miscommunication on their end they said it was running fine….they could not find anything wrong with it.
  • I assumed that the tech guy had tightened something that he’d missed and they did not want to admit to that. I didn’t care. It started up in the bitter cold, was running fine when I took it out….I thought that the Saga Was Over.
  • Then on Friday afternoon, out of the blue it started the same-old thing. Shuddering, shaking back and forth and stalling. I managed to get it off the road and had to wait 2 1/2 hours in the cold for a tow truck to finally arrive.  ( AAA kept telling me it would be just a few more minutes, then I’d call a half-hour later and get the same story. )

I have a 2010 Subaru Legacy that ran like a dream until all of this began. Now I don’t know if Subaru will finally figure this out or not :(

I have to work at the Vintage Secrets antique mall on Sunday ( we work as part of our rent-deal there )  & will either be getting a car to rent or have to get a ride…I WILL take some quilting there, since snow is in the forecast, on top of another round of sub-zero temperatures, and I doubt that it will be very busy.

I am about 1/2 way through with the hand-quilting that I’d decided to do on the inside portion of this baby quilt: Nothing fancy…the perimeter is machine quilted and the hand-quilting is just following some wavy lines drawn with a saucer. I will finish up the borders with machine quilting.

baby quilt end Feb

Then, even if the Mouse and Car Universe has it in for me now, surely SOMEBUNNY loves me ? :)


After I finish appliqueing this bunny, I am going to embroider Somebunny Loves You around the top. I’ve taken to making a mug / candle mat for the new DIL around each holiday thus far this year so I thought this would be cute for Easter.

Whether or not SPRING will arrive seems up in the air at the moment but Easter will for sure :)

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Family Tree Research Post # 3 / sex and stinky cheese

In my prior 2 posts, I mentioned that several of us were interested in geneology but that we could only get so far. It was when these two ladies teamed up that the information started to flow :

Elizabeth Beyer Waltman, Annandale, Virginia and Helma Hamel, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Later on, a little book was written by them , titled Hamel/Kaiser Ancestry    September 2005

Within the book were many ship records, birth and christening records, a pedigree document going back to the early 1600’s, and much, much more. The pedigree: ancestors of Johann Henrich Haemel born in Sondheim in 1799, father of John, Jacob, and Anna Elsabeth Haemel.

BEFORE this book was compiled, however, there were several years of emails going back and forth between many of us. There might be a very detailed one from Elizabeth concerning correspondence with such and such person in Germany, or photocopies of records that Helma had translated.

Meanwhile Helma, who had emigrated from Germany as a young woman, was involved in all of this for her husband’s family. Her husband is Ellsworth Hamel, a grandson of Emma & John, son of my grandmother’s brother Herb, and here is a photo of him as a young boy.


Ellsworth and my uncle Glenn, my mother’s brother, are sitting on the tree stump. Ellsworth is on the right, Glenn on the left. These cousins were close growing up and when I was a child they were still close, yet I called Helma and Ellsworth “Aunt” and “Uncle”.

The above photo was taken around 1930.

Here is Ellsworth’s father Herbert, with some of his brothers, when he was a boy. Herb is on the far left, followed by Alfred, Henry, Walter, and Edward. Alfred was killed in a war, according to my mom. I assume World War 1. They all look quite handsome, don’t they? I can only imagine the trouble that they got into when they were not posing so seriously :)


I DO remember visiting Uncle Herb and his wife Virginia and Ellsworth’s sister Marilyn when I was young. I only remember two things about Uncle Herb: he raised carrier pigeons as a hobby and liked Stinky Cheese, and it was VERY Stinky to my recollection :) It was Limburger cheese.


John and Jacob Hamel and Annie Hamel Beyer were siblings.  John Hamel was a lay preacher of the German/Temple Baptist Church in the early 1860’s.  Family information confirmed that John and Jacob were brothers, and it has been easier to trace the family ancestry in Hesse Kassel through the genealogy records listing Jacob Hamel in Pittsburgh.

Jacob Hamel’s naturalization documents, submitted to Allegheny County courts in 1870 and 1873, clearly listed his place of birth as Lutzelwich in Hesse Cassel and date of birth as 30 May 1835.  This was the most important clue in locating the family in Hesse Kassel.  In addition, volume 4 of ‘A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in the District Courts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania’, compiled by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (1980), notes that a duplicate of Jacob’s Naturalization Certificate (originally issued 2 August 1873) was issued to his son Henry Hamel, residence 60 Washington Avenue, Allegheny County, on 6 January 1909.  This address agrees with the 1910 census for Henry Hamel, a shoe store merchant in Beltzhoover, and provides strong confirmation that our extended Hamel family is descended from the town of Lützelwig.

Jacob had also listed Lützelwig on the ship’s passenger list when he immigrated in 1865 with his wife and children.  However, it was not certain whether that document was listing place of birth or place of last residence.  The naturalization records settled the question and also connected Jacob to our family.  We are fortunate that these documents list Lutzelwig, because place of birth was often listed only as Hesse Kassel or Germany.

We have obtained birth records for both Anna Elisabeth (1829) and Johann Jacob (1835) Haemel from the Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel.  The date of birth for Jacob agrees with his naturalization records, and the date of birth for Anna Elisabeth agrees with her age at the time of her death in 1900 as listed on her death record with Allegheny County.

We have also obtained pages listing individuals with both the Hamel and Kaiser names in Die Einwohner und Ihr Paten der Dörfer Cassdorf und Lützelwig by Gerhard Kling from the genealogy society in Kassel: Gesellschaft für Familienkunde in Kurhessen and Waldeck.  Einwohner means inhabitants.  In addition, we have obtained extensive information on our ancestors from Lothar Ide, the author of books transcribing the Sondheim church records.

Anna Elisabeth and Johann Jacob were born in Lützelwig; John was born in Sondheim in either 1823 or 1826, though 1823 may be more likely based on his age in the 1870 census.  We obtained the information for Sondheim after ordering records from the archive in Kassel; therefore we did not include John’s birth record in Sondheim in the archive order.  Their parents were Johann Henrich Haemel and Anna Catharina Kayßer, born in Sondheim where our ancestors lived for generations, some as far back as the early 1600’s.

The birth records have been translated from the old German script by Helma Hamel, the wife of Ellsworth Hamel in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.  At various times, the Hämel and Kaißer families lived in Lützelwig and Sondheim, rural villages within a few miles of each other and about 20 miles south of the city of Kassel.”

In the past, people of my mom’s generation…the grandchildren of Emma and John, only knew that their grandparents had come from Germany, somewhere in the Black Forest region…

Now we had towns and histories and even photos: This is the church in Sondheim where so many records came from :


Prior to the book we had emails such as this come through once in awhile :)


Helma Hamel and I have pdf file copies of books that transcribe the Sondheim church records.  Helma’s comment below refers to John Hamel, Ells ancestor:

“In the meantime you probably have discovered that Johannes was the first legitimate child of Henrich Haemel and Anna Catharina Kaiser, who had already produced together Anna Martha in 1819 and Anna Elisabeth in 1821 out of wedlock.  Both times Henrich Haemel expressly admitted to being the father.”

This was fairly common in Hesse Kassel in that era, also in most of southern Germany (Baden and Wuerttemberg).  It was not unusual for the marriage to follow the first child.  A librarian at a local historical library here commented that children were important, and couples often did not marry until there were children.  In that context the absolutions listed in the church book about 1750 were more surprising. ”

And this one :

Subject: absolution in Hesse Kassel in 1750

“Below are entries in church records in Hesse Kassel of a type that I have never seen before!

Helma has sent me two translations of the absolution entries in the Sondheim, Hesse Kassel church book.  We have pdf files for transcriptions of two church books in Sondheim where our Hämel and Kaißer ancestors lived.  A friend of ours here replied to these:  “Well, Chinese confession and the mea culpas we are hearing elsewhere these days seem to pale when compared to these, don’t they?!”

The first entry reads roughly:

On the first of June 1745, following orders of the Church Councils of both the King and the High Prince, Henrich Kaysser and Dorothea Elisabeth, during a prayer meeting held because they had engaged in sexual intercourse, made a remorseful confession and vowed to lead a better life.  Dorothea Elisabeth is now Henrich’s wedded housewife.  (I am not quite certain how to translate the Latin “promoturi.”)

On the 29th of May, 1748, Henrich Kaysser’s daughter, who had permitted herself to become infatuated with Christoph Heyntze, her father’s farm hand, and to be seduced by him into whoring, confessed her remorse openly at a public prayer day in front of the whole congregation, promised to lead a better life and received absolution”

Because we’d also been receiving info about people suffering for their Christian faith, it was refreshing to find some sex and seduction in the tree as well. So sue me, I am just human :)

The first 2 posts are HERE and HERE

Family Tree Research Post #2

This is post 2 of a series. The first one is HERE.

John Hamel, my great-grandfather who led services in a German Baptist Church on the South Side of Pittsburgh from 1862-1866 was pictured in the first post.

Here he is as a younger man, married to Emma, my great-grandmother.

John Hamel Emma Frank Fresh FromGermany

In my previous post I mentioned how a cousin’s wife, who spoke German since she originally came from Germany, was able to, with the assistance of another cousin, really bring everything together in regards to our prior family tree research. Helma is the name of the German speaking lady, of my mom’s generation. I often spent time with her family and children when I was a child, and she is a delightful and beautiful person.

Here is a summary of a time that Helma spent with my great-grandmother Emma, and Emma’s recollection of her and John’s romance.

“Ellsworth ( cousin / Helma’s husband )  introduced me to his grandmother Emma on a Sunday afternoon in August or September of 1953. She was a lovely white-haired lady then, still spry for her age of 88. I hadn’t even turned nineteen yet. It was an important occasion for me, meeting Ells’ family, first his grandma, then Aunt Ruth and Uncle Lawrence, and finally Aunt Ide and Uncle Wilbert next door on Weyman Road. We sat behind Grandma’s white-painted house on a bench looking down to the garden and the creek beyond. She seemed pleased, that Ells’ girl was 18 and fresh from Germany, just like she had been. “I sure do remember,” she said with a twinkle and a mischievous smile, “I made all the American girls at the church jealous and mad, because I had just come over and I stole me the most eligible bachelor for a beau right from under their noses.”She still seemed delighted thinking about her feat.”

My mom has wonderful memories of her grandmother. Here is Emma when she was older…she is on the left.


That photo ( above ) was taken at Weyman Road, an area south of Pittsburgh known as Munhall.  Emma lived with her daughter Ruth ( my grand-aunt ) and husband. Next door my grandparents had their home and property, and that is where I lived with my parents until I was around three years of age.

Here is a mid-life picture of Emma and John when they were raising their children : My grandmother is the youngest one seated in the middle between John’s knees.

JohnEmmaSonsDaughterGrandkidsCropped Closer

And here is my grandmother Ida, and Emma alone :


Here is my grandmother when she was a young woman :

My Grandmother Ida Mae Zeiler

And my grandfather :

I’ll continue this once I’ve sorted through more pictures and info :)

Religion and the Family Tree Research

From the time that I was a little kid, I always had religious questions. Where did Cain get his wife? If God is love, how can there be a hell. If drinking alcohol is a sin, why did Jesus turn the water into wine? ( My mom just told me that the wine was really grape juice back then.)   Ok, I was not going to find any deep and scholarly answers from HER, Lol…

But this bucking the system or questioning or interest in own as well as others,  has always been a part of me. Many years ago I was interested in family tree research and having hooked up ( long story ) with some cousins that I found also looking around on and similar sites, I discovered that it must be in my DNA.

Here’s one of my ancestors, a church founder over here.

John Hamel Church

The history on this side of the pond starts out like this :

beginning of the church history crop

After a few years of some us going back and forth online and in emails, a reunion was held and someone brought the church booklet. (  I do not have the booklet ; only some sort of synopis of the beginning of it. )

At that point, we had pieced together a history of sorts in regards to over here, and we had ship’s records of crossings from Germany to the States, but not a lot to go on in regards to overseas.

Later on, my cousin’s wife ( I called them Aunt and Uncle as they were of my mom’s generation ) and a retired research scientist cousin teamed up. Because the cousin’s wife had emigrated from Germany, she spoke and read German, therefore she could communicate with parish priests and ministers over there and a wealth of information became available later on because of that.

The information came piecemeal at first and later on the two ladies wrote a little booklet about it all. We discovered shoemakers and lathe operators, Baptists persecuted for their religious beliefs, a whore ( yes, we got a kick out of that ) and a composer and flute teacher to Frederick The Great, King of Prussia.

The gentleman in the photo above ‘was a talented layman, John Hamel” who led Sunday services from the earliest period of this church; 1862-1866 until they had their first official pastor and ordained minister.

John Hamel was my great-grandfather on my maternal side.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve reviewed all of the materials but I’d like to try to do a little series on this once I review everything.

If you have ever been involved in family tree research, you’ll understand how exciting it is to have a breakthrough, how sad it is that by the time we are interested, our grandparents are gone, etc. Of course my grandfather was no help!

He was always 39 years old on his birthday, and told me that he was an Indian, born on a stump.

Do you think that he wanted me, a little kid, to stop pestering him and leave him alone? :)

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Fun Finds and Not-So-Fun Temps

I have picked up some fun things here and there in the last few months at the thrift stores….recently I picked up a Bisquick cook book that showed their history; there are some old ad photos and facts such as these interspersed throughout the book :

bisquick collage

I tried one or two of the recipes ( not ‘ all that’ : ) and sent it home with the DIL to look over.

There are things that I took down to my space at Vintage Secrets:

I was in a hurry to get my half-room stocked up there and really couldn’t take the time to show much individually.

One item that I did take product shots of for Etsy, but took down to that space instead, was this Hall’s China Teapot; isn’t it lovely!

Hall's China Teapot

This was only the second piece of Hall’s China that I’d ever purchased…the first one was a beautiful coffee pot in an aqua shade ( it is in THIS POST. )

This next teapot is one that I want to enjoy for awhile prior to listing on Etsy or taking to my space at Vintage Secrets…it’s a Sadler teapot made in England:

Sadler Teapot

When I Googled Sadler teapots I discovered that there is even a Sadler Facebook Fan page for these teapots  ( HERE ) and I can understand why.

I picked up this little reader, though I don’t think that it is actually all that old…

McGuffey's First Reader

It has intriqued my first-grader grandson, though…so it won’t be listed anywhere until he gets to explore it with me here first.

Meanwhile the bitter cold seems that there is no end to it. It is -3 now and will be far worse in the morning, meaning another school delay or cancellation. ( Between snow and temps, there was only one day of school last week. )

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Worship / Praise music

I grew up in several Protestant churches; Christian Missionary and Alliance, then a Baptist one that was closer to our home for awhile, and then a Methodist church whose minister’s focus was on the Charismatic movement.  The hymns that we sang were all the same hymns, however.

I grew up with The Doxology, and All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name, Crown Him with Many Crowns, Holy Holy Holy, and all of the classic hymns.

When my boys were young, there was a period of time that we attended a church that had a more modern worship slant. This was in the 80’s / 90’s and back then if you wanted to listen to that music at home, you’d buy cassette tapes.

I recall having several of those tapes. Playing them and thinking about God during the course of my day probably helped me to be a nicer, happier mom : ) So did a beer late afternoon.

I recall having some favorites and speeding up the tapes at the not-so-hot ones. No different than going to church as a kid and preferring one hymn over another.

I recall other cassette tapes : having shivers run up and down my spine listenting to Sandi Patti’s “Was it a Morning Like This” around Easter time, or wanting to jump for joy listening to Janet Paschal’s “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold Me Down” and many more like those. Those tapes are long gone.

Back in the day you had to buy them, or any music.

My boys have often been on my computer over the years watching funny videos on You Tube but it’s only in the last year or so that I discovered the wealth of music at my fingertips on You Tube.

I can view and listen to “Oh Happy Day” and “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee” from the Sister Act movies on You Tube.  And you can’t stay still watching those. If you don’t dance a little you at least have to break out into a big grin.

I discovered The New Doxology which is the old one with an addition and it’s so beautiful  ( HERE )

I discovered people uploading ( somehow ) praise / worship tapes from the 80’s and 90’s…many of them were ones that I used to have and had forgotten about. For instance, this one called Amazing Love. The first few songs make you want to dance around the kitchen, which I did for a bit …I had one happy salad for lunch that Sunday :) . Then it slows down and the title song “Amazing Love”  is just….amazing. I had no favorites after that, but it’s an example.

Did you grow up watching the Billy Graham crusades ?  Here is All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name sung by the crusade choir.  This is so old that it’s in black and white :) 

I discovered Micha’el Eliyahu Ben David on You Tube : a favorite song & video is HERE.  Tied with that is Shema Yisrael

You can’t listen to worship / praise music like this without lifting your spirit and of course that’s exactly what praise and worship music is supposed to do. It lifts your spirit by taking it away from yourself and towards the Infinite.

I had no plan to write a post about this until I’d read Mimi’s beautiful Sunday post today and had left her a link to “Amazing Love” in a comment, as I’d been listening to it at little bit before  the time that I visited her blog. And later on I thought “why not write a post about this” and so I did :)

Sewing, Snow, and a Gift from a Blogger Friend

Well there was the bitter cold ( as in, it’s been bitter cold for most of February but this was the Siberian Express cold ) and now there is more snow.

The furnace is running, the snow is shoveled, and I am working on a baby quilt. I refuse to think about the gloppy freezing rain-y stuff currently falling outside which will turn back to snow shortly :)

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6: 34  


baby quilt back

Here are the owls facing the other way :)

Owls NOT upside down

The backing is bright and bold, but the front is soft and soothing …layed out for basting here :

getting ready to baste the front

I had finished appliqueing the little owl hexies onto the border awhile back : I see that this guy is a little wrinkled in the photo…well, he must be the Wise Old Owl ( until he gets a press :)

hexies all on

I machine stitched areas, then decided to hand-quilt as well. And then a butterfly landed :)

butterfly landing

The butterfly is sewn down and I am continuing on with the hand quilting. The quilt will be a mix of machine and hand work.

quilting and butterfly collage

Meanwhile this arrived in my mail this afternoon:

makeup bag from Judy

Isn’t it pretty? Here’s the back:

back of makeup bag

It’s from Judy over at New England Garden and Thread. She’s an expert seamstress and snow shoveler.  In  this post  she shows some of the 76.9 inches of snow that she and her family had shoveled as of February 16th.  Now, I’ve been urging her to jump from her second story window into a snowbank and go viral…or make a snowman and stab him with a knife ( and go viral. )  But you know those New Englanders. They are a hardy lot. She simply shovels her several feet of snow for the day and then goes inside and works on gifts for friends with spring-flower fabric.  And I was one of the lucky recipients:)

Thank you so much, Judy! You certainly made my day! :) 

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The dogs don’t mind the cold or snow

My youngest was over here yesterday for awhile with his pup, Koopa, who has grown so much recently it is amazing. He’s still all crazy and playful and puppy but he is already about as big as my grown dogs.

He and Jugsy had a romp in the snow and yours truly laughed at the cold for a few minutes and took pictures. The dogs don’t mind the cold or snow so I briefly joined their community.

They were just playing but look crazed in the shots :) Better getting it out of their system out there than in this little bungalow ! :)

Koopa and Jugs 2 Koopa and Jugs 3 Koopa and Jugs 4 Koopa and Jugs 5 Koopa and Jugs 6 Koopa and Jugs Collage 2 Koopa and Jugs Collage Koopa and Jugs

When they came back in, Koopa must have had some snow in his ears and went beserk trying to shake it out. I got him calmed down and took a Kleenex to dry them…it’s funny having such a big bundle of energy around that is basically still just a baby :)

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Car, cold, and cardinal

I mentioned in my last post about my car breaking down. It originally broke down around the end of January. A mouse chewed some wires and it resulted in extensive repairs. This time it broke down for my son but I have it back…I think that when they went over it at Subaru they probably tightened a loose wire or something.

( Supposedly the tech who worked on it before checked everything out and found NO problems and then miraculously the car started and ran fine, just like that. Seems a bit fishy to me : )

I got it back just in time to run to the store for more sunflower seeds for the birds before another round of the Arctic Plunge arrived, which I see has been named The Siberian Express.


The quiet cheep cheep of the cardinal in the winter when enjoying his seeds is such a contrast to the boisterous “pretty-pretty” of his song in the spring.

cardinal 2

How about you ? Are you experiencing the Siberian Express? Here the worst of it will be this evening and into tomorrow morning. It was ‘only’ zero this morning, feeling like 12 below. It’s to go to -11, feels like 25 below later on.

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The Valentine’s Day Wedding Day

I mentioned in a prior post that I was to photograph a friend’s wedding on Valentine’s Day. The day started out as predicted with snow.  All of our snowfalls thus far have been heavy and wet. This was a light feathery slippery snow.

I know that it was slippery because I went out to my car with a package to ship to the post office for my Etsy shop that morning,  and went right down behind the car into the gravel.  Oh, did my knee hurt. I was worried that I’d end up limping or something but it was just banged up and required a few bandaids.

I mention that because later on, when I was photographing the bride and her mom and the little girls in the dressing room at the church, I was kneeling a lot and it started bleeding again, and then I had to hunt all over the church facility with some lady for  gauze. Never a dull moment!

I was very concerned about the weather because we had over an hour’s drive and the roads were terrible in the morning but by lunchtime when we left, they were fairly clear and safe. My DIL, Kate, the twins and I rode in one vehicle. Brent, my little grandson came in another a bit later with his grandfather. The other little grandson was spending the day and having an overnight with a friend. My SON was on call until 2:00 and could not come down until later on, by himself. His truck was somewhere….to save time he’d use my car.

Tallica and the kids and I arrived around 1:00 and there was plenty of time to get some nice photos prior to the 2:00 wedding.

A few favorites :

The bride and her best friend goofing around :

dress room goofing off black and white

The groom’s little girl :

shoes another round effects

The bride’s little girl ( the shoes idea was the bride’s…I thought it was great :)


I got a bazillion wonderful pictures in that hour in the dressing room between the beautiful bride and her mama and friend and the girls but I don’t want to make this too long ( and it will be long, anyway :)

Prior to the ceremony, the kids were lined up in the front getting bored waiting for the Bride to show up. Dad was getting his collar adjusted, and then walking around talking to friends :

adjusting marcus collar

Back to the bored little kids in the front. I took a boring picture or two and then told them to make their best monster face.  Dad came up to join in and given the messaging in the back on the wall, this is an all-time favorite of mine! :)

monsters in blue

As to the ceremony, well I always get choked up at weddings. But this was ridiculous. After most of the readings, and lighting candles….( here are the boys ; there are five children between the bride and groom )

boys and candle

They moved on to having vows with the children and bestowing rings and necklaces on them.

Ever try to take wedding pictures when you have to keep putting the camera down to wipe your eyes? :)

marcus hug

dena with kids

They were making vows to each other’s children. I doubt that there was a dry eye in the place. The boys were given necklaces and the girls received  birthstone rings.

ring on finger

Meanwhile, after the ceremony, Tallica got a text from my son that my car had broken down, he’d called a tow truck and back home there was a blizzard going on. He doubted that he’d make it to the festivities after the wedding.


I’ve barely had my car back since the mouse ( if you are not a regular reader my car broke down due to a mouse HERE )

The total bill came in at over 4000.00 and after insurance my share was close to 1700.00.  My son said that the car acted exactly the same way as the first breakdown.  ( Shuddered and died, etc. )

Here is how I felt about THAT NEWS!

kids on steps monsters

Meanwhile after the ceremony and the text from my son, and he and I discussing the car and the horrible road conditions back home, the blizzard / squalls / snow moved in on us at the wedding location.  It was quite the ride home in the end but we all arrived safely, as did all of the other folks attending the wedding from my area.

Whatever’s going on with my car I can only be grateful that it broke down before my son got onto the was really bad and dangerous here that day.

A few more photos:

roses on table



outdoors 2 effects

A beautiful couple inside and out : )

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