Swept Back in Time…

I love anything to do with the “Olden Days” be it in regards to quilts, furniture, homes or history. This can involve my own olden days as a child or reach back much further in time but I am generally fascinated with all of it.

Whenever I am going to make a cake, if it is *just* going to be a sheet cake, then I reach for the old pan that was in my grandmother’s kitchen. She made many a cake in it and a favorite of mine was a streusal swirl breakfast cake, generally reserved for the weekends. Whenever I bring that pan out, I am in two places…my own kitchen, and my grandmother’s….swept back in time to being a young girl eying whatever cake her grandmother had made, that was cooling on the countertop:


King arthur flour streusal swirl for swept in time post

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” The antique pressed-glass spoon holder that I keep on a small table in my kitchen today is the same one that always stood in the middle of our kitchen table in the farmhouse in southern Indiana where I spent my childhood. I use it daily to keep extra teaspoons handy for use when needed at the table or for any purpose in the kitchen, just as my mother did a generation ago, and her mother before her.

Also, the ‘Starburst Spooner’ is a sparkling reminder of Mother’s old-fashioned kitchen, with red geraniums and pink begonias blooming in its sunny windows and colorful rag rugs on the floor.

….many times I pick it up without any particular thought. But other times, unforeseen and unbidden, the old spooner becomes my crystal ball, as it were, my wellspring of memory, my Proustian madeleine.”     __Marilyn Kluger in Country Kitchens Remembered

Silver Spoons in a glass cup


“Any table of virgin fir, any maple chair, any oak floor is a bundle of stories. At a lull in the conversation, move your napkin aside. There are centuries under one hand’s span…” __Kim R Stafford in Having Everything Right

amish kitchen photo


” After a stroke felled my mother’s mother, some of her objects came to live in our house. Years later, my daughter digs out clean socks from a tall dresser, reddish oak, topped with a pivoting beveled mirror, that the bubbe once waxed and polished. She dresses her long hair, in play, with the bubbe’s rhinestone comb.

My two-year-old boy hides thimbles and dice in the drawer of the bubbe’s fruitwood cigarette table, a light thing he drags from room to room. We mash potatoes with her red-handled potatoe masher, while back in Detroit my mother chops liver with her mother’s chopper, half-moon wood handle fit to a half-moon blade. ”    __Elizabeth Ehrlich in Miriam’s Kitchen

” I’ve had a heap of comfort all my life making quilts, and now in my old age I wouldn’t take a fortune for them. Sit down here, child, where you can see out of the window and smell the lilacs…

Bushes collage

and we’ll look at them all.  You see, some folks have albums to put folks’ pictures in to remember them by, and some folks have a book to write down the things that happen everyday so they won’t forget them, but honey, these quilts are my albums and my diaries…” __Eliza Calver Hall in A Quilter’s Window


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Slice of Life ; Latter Part of May

A Slice of Life Post :

We had quite a bit of rain … Friday, May 20th I mowed the deep thick spring grass for the upteenth time before the rain returned, as well as weeding a bit.  Sunday, May 22nd after the morning rain cleared, I dug, weeded, etc. a section or two and planted some flower seeds prior to rain moving in again a few hours later. I’ve been doing this here and there around the place in between rains…tomato plants put in, another section with seeds, and so forth.  I had taken a chance with the tomato plants and sure enough had to cover them for two nights when we had a freeze. It was so cold that even with their covering they did not look too well…I clipped some leaves …will see.

Meanwhile during the week prior, there were grandchildren activities…a school art show, chorus and band concert, various end of the year activities.. the twins went to a farm for their field trip, Kate had a 4th grade graduation swim party, and Brent’s class went to a park. I cropped him from a picture posted to Facebook :)

brent at olgeby

Another cropped picture was this little goat. Five Days Old. This was from the twins field trip and my DIL got a shot of it and its mama and I did a teaser photo for my son on Facebook, since the girls came home thinking that their next pet might be a goat :)  There are five kids, 3 cats ( all rescues ) and a pup down there now…hence the “small family” joke.

baby goat polaroid

Meanwhile on Sunday afternoon after weeding and planting seeds,  prior to the next rain moving in, I was sitting out on the porch wearing a sweatshirt with a heavy sweater over that, reading the Bible, and in my glory. Why? It was about 60  degrees. According to me, that is wonderful. Anything over 72 is not.  I checked the weather later on and saw that the forecast for the following Friday was going to be 87 degrees which of course should be something that occurs in August and not May! :) Well, with a graduation party and a holiday picnic to attend over the weekend I hope that heat wave cools down.

The lilac bush provided lovely blooms and a heavenly scent recently.  It does not last as long as the snowball bush, though. If I walk through the side of my yard and then cut through a neighbors to go up to my son’s house, this is my view on returning…

snowball bush

Other than this, in the way of gardening, there is not much to show. I have not purchased anything already growing from a nursery in the way of flowers but have planted seeds here and there to see how they’ll do and what will come up.

Every year I do something different… for instance HERE  is a post about a hollyhock ( 9 foot at the time ) and other flowers growing in July ( the hollyhock continued to grow beyond that to over 15 feet! :)

I did plant some Iris at my son’s place and took these down as well….I forget the name of them but they’ve bloomed for two weeks now, and are still going strong.

flowers to tallica

And when walking up there I can enjoy some of the neighbor’s blooms ! :)

neighbor floral collage

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