Warm & Cozy : Applique and Quilting

After the gas and water line issues on Friday ( previous post ) and it being so very cold outside, I was happy to stay indoors on Saturday. It seemed so peaceful and quiet after hearing the banging and clanging of construction equipment for several days.

With great appreciation for the utility workers who must brave all sorts of weather to provide us with running water and heat, I enjoyed the warmth and coziness of my little bungalow on Saturday.  I settled in to work on some applique and quilting.


On Friday evening, I had prepped some pieces that were initially sketched out on freezer paper. On Saturday I worked on getting a start on those. These will go onto the sides of the flower basket medallion center. The center is from Kim McClean…the rest will be MYdallion :)

These don’t look very pretty right now…just the baskets and a partial on the stems is sewn down.  After this, I will start on one with the other being put away. They can be similar but not the same…I will just play around with birds, berries, and leaves …


I hadn’t planned on this. I had planned on starting the next Elizabeths’ Pride block. I had it traced out on freezer paper. I had planned on appliqueing a few more little baskets…they were already prepped.  If you are a quilter you know how it goes though, sometimes. As the mood strikes and time allows…

Meanwhile, I almost always join in with others at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching…and whether I am in the mood to applique or not, there is always a quilt in the hoop…


Occasionally Kanga Kitty the inspector comes around.  ” Are you STILL quilting Stars and Spools? I thought that you wanted to finish it in December? You need to get a move on but scratch me first:)


Do you have a helper or inspector in your family? :)

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Flower Basket Medallion First Border & What are the ODDS?? Gas & Water

First my gas & water story :)    This week the gas company was replacing lines on our road and my connection as well as my neighbors, since these were from 1917. They were here on our street for 3 days. ( Phone pic through the window )



I had to be home on Friday, since they’d shut off the gas and then needed to come in to check all of the appliances once the gas was turned back on.

My poor yard…not the best time of year for this sort of thing; it’s not as if I could spread some grass seed out there. They also dug up my big Yucca, and it sat out for half a day before they replanted it. I hope it survived the shock.

After that, they filled in a big hole ( big enough for 4 guys to stand in up to their shoulders. )

Shortly after that, I heard some strange noises from the basement…a sort of gurgling sound in my pipes!  I went out to tell them about it…and there was water pouring out of the hole that they’d just filled in. They had already called the water company. THEY left and within an hour all of the construction equipment outside was from the water company now.


( The minute that I saw that water leak though, I filled the bathtub for flushing the toilet, and filled pitchers and pots and pans and the sink with water. )    Well, they fixed it all and were done around 4:00.  I ran some errands, cooked dinner, etc.

Later on, I went up to change into pajamas and I drained the tub.  Within 5 minutes after that...What are the ODDS?  I heard a loud BOOM! At first I thought it was in the basement but nope…that water line had exploded outside and there was no water service to the house. Pouring down the street and rapidly turning to ice in the 20 degree weather.

No water to the house… I called them as well as our borough street department since this would all freeze and they’d probably need to come out with salt. The borough  manager was here within the hour….and he explained that the water company would have to come with lights and whatever was needed to fix this overnight due to the ice problem. He had also called them. They were slow to arrive.

They turned off the water and left but at some point returned and fixed the line. Whew.

Meanwhile in my last post I’d shown that I had finished the center of the Flower Basket Medallion. It’s a Kim McLean pattern but I wanted to do something different for the rest of it. I ran through a few options ( a hexie border, a border of pieced triangles, etc. ) but in the end I decided on an applique border.

Here’s the center :


Here is me roughly sketching something out on freezer paper for the side borders ( never done this sort of thing before ) 


Wish me luck :)

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