Baking & Binding

All of the 6 inches or so of snow shown in the last post melted, then mid-week we got another round…just enough cold and wind and swirling snow to give us a light ground cover. I baked cookies in the early morning….two baking sheets worth here in the photo and more in the oven. I generally keep a dozen here and send the other 3 or more dozen down to the kids.

I have always used the Nestle Toll House recipe BUT add 1/2 extra cup flour + a handful of oatmeal to the mix. Sometimes I’ll do a mix of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. If you purchase generic chocolate the Nestle recipe can be found HERE.  Trust me, if you add that extra 1/2 cup of flour to the recipe your cookies won’t flatten and the oatmeal is just to tell yourself “this is a healthy mid-morning snack” :)  Seriously I think it just adds some nice texture.

As to the grandson in the middle of the picture above ( courtesy of my DIL on FB ) he has been asking for me to bake bread, so that is next on the agenda when I get in the mood. As to the one next to him, we were pleased to see this award from January at his school! :) My DIL took a photo of it when she was there.

He has no clue why he got this. Maybe they just pick kids out of a hat, who knows :)

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had finished tying the Gradient quilt and binding was needed. I finally started that.  The back has some skulls & roses ; my youngest is a Grateful Dead fan.

I have resolved to stop all applique and *fun* hand stitching until this binding is completed.  I will continue to take breaks ( I hate to sew binding ) and get a little hand quilting in, however.

I have finished the blue block in Scrappy Granny and am ready to move the hoop again.

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE : It went up to 64 degrees on Saturday in the weirdest winter ever…:)

I am about halfway through with the binding and may be doing my Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts out on the porch on Sunday afternoon if this weather continues!

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Snow, Snuggling, Playing & Sewing

It’s been such an unusual winter here in Southwestern PA.  Bouts of bitter cold, then springlike breaks in the 50 degree range here and there. More rain than snow. This past week we went from an unusual February high of 60 degrees one day, to this, two days later…

( around 5 a.m. several hours prior to dawn, taken with no flash )

If you live in a snowy climate you are familiar with this; if not…even when it is dark outside, with cloud cover and no moonlight, the snow brings the light and it is possible to get photos like this with no tripod ( which I do not have )  or any special equipment or lenses.

We got a good six inches overnight. I shoveled all of the walkways, cleared the car, etc. Later on we had squalls and it was all covered again. In the late afternoon when things had settled a bit I took a walk down to see the kids and Merle…Merle has loved the snow since he was a young puppy. He was just reveling in it. Running around burying his face in it / sliding through it / excited when we threw snow at him…

Here, the older animals are happy with shorter visits outdoors and longer snuggling times indoors.

The day after that I had to pick Brent up at his school and meet the other kids when they got off their bus. I took my camera along that time.

Indoors, the children were enjoying some Paddle Balls. At .99 each, I had hoped that they’d last at least 5 minutes. Aiselyn was the best at it….hers going a mile a minute and making Merles’ head spin. I think that hers died within 4 minutes or less.

As to sewing, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month is teal / aquamarine, seafoam…whatever we can come up with. I finished appliqueing an Airship Propeller block for that.

Awhile back, I had mentioned discovering Acorn TV  ( HERE ) which has a lot of quality programming and many of you commented and mentioned that you had been enjoying “The Crown” on Netflix.

I know that my son and DIL have Netflix and I asked her if she’d watched this series. She raved about it. On Saturday morning I thought to start a free trial and watch one episode of “The Crown”.

FOUR episodes later I came out of my engrossed stupor and discovered that we were going up to 60 degrees, most of the snow was rapidly melting, and that I had better do something with the rest of my day :)   Later on down at the kids’ house I watched my son giving poor Merle a bath….snow is much easier on him than mud :)

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