Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is Pink

The RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color for October is pink. I didn’t even get around to prepping applique for some pink baskets until mid-month.

I did want to show you some pink flowers, first….I am in Southwestern Pa. In the old days, before Climate Change, the height of fall beauty and foliage here was typically the second week of October.

Little foliage change here as of mid-October and I was still harvesting tomatoes the other day, with many flowers in bloom including these pink ones :

I had purchased a mixed seed variety so I am not sure what the flower ( above ) is. I do know that the bee below is visiting a Cleome..

Cosmos in the afternoon light:

We went down to 33 degrees on Monday night, but everything survived, even the low-growing flowers such as Sweet William and Nasturtium… now it is going to warm up a bit again! :)

Here are my hand appliqued  Little Baskets for the month :

A hero , a  Green Beret named Army Sgt. La David Johnson killed in Niger, was returned yesterday to American soil.

This is the consequence of the war machine.  There’s always money for war and weapons, isn’t there.

Myesha Johnson as her husband is returned from Niger :

There is a nice story about him that I read on Thursday morning ” The American Greatness of Sgt. La David Johnson ” 

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Pumpkin Festival Time

When I think of October weather, I always compare it to Pumpkin Festival time. Our little borough here in Southwestern Pa. has a mid-October Pumpkin Festival and parade every mid-October. This benefits the local fire department, for the most part.

  • Some years we are in sweats and hoodies with umbrellas watching the parade, and the festival is a washout.
  • Some years a heavy frost just killed every thing off that weekend.
  • Some years we are in summer attire and sweating a bit in the sun.

This year was a summer attire one :)

The local school for 3 of the grands was off on Friday, the first day of the festival.  My youngest, an aunt of my DIL and I took them to the festival that afternoon.  It was not too crowded and they got to do just about everything.

My youngest son and I took the other two children down on Saturday but we had less time and it was extremely crowded with very long lines for most activities.

Saturday morning there was the parade. I joined my middle son and DIL and all five grands to watch that.

The parade starts at the local high school about 1/2 mile down the road, with the majorettes, marching band and cheerleaders, fire trucks, etc. Much of the parade forms on the street below me. On Saturday morning this float was parked right outside my house….I had my message from God when I stepped out on to the porch :)

Between the two days and all of the grands I took a bazillion pictures, but a small sampling is here.

They enjoyed horse back rides…

And flying and flipping in the air :

This was the first time for the twins on the bungee jump and they just loved it. On Friday we stood in line for 10 minutes or so to get on. On Saturday, the line was 50 deep so Brent and Kate did not get to do that.

All of the girls enjoyed having their faces painted ; here is Mya:

Rather than spend money on face painting, the boys preferred to test their skills….

Brent did really well at this and won a prize. Javis did well at his too!

One thing that was reasonably priced and that all the children enjoyed immensely was the mining for gems….4.00 each and a good 15 minutes of washing your sand in the trough, fishing for gems, washing them off and collecting them.  They were so excited in regards to each one !  In the end they took home a bag of around 20 gems, one of their favorites in a necklace, and a card to identify them.

We always have to visit the petting zoo. Unlike at the county fair, which is generally filthy, this one is always nice and clean.

Even the ducks are tame enough to pet! They don’t like you to touch their necks but you can pet their backs and they are oh-so-soft.

HELLO! :) 

Last but not least….on Friday, my DIL’s auntie took the three children into the little snake house. I stayed outside.  They seemed to enjoy having seen all of the snakes….Javis was telling me how many of them were venemous!

On Saturday, when my son and I were in that area with the other two, THEY went in and I again stayed outside.

There was a guy walking around with some huge white rubber snake around his neck for a promotion, I suppose.

THEN I saw the rubber snake move its head and have a forked tongue coming out! It was alive! :)

When I was a kid, my mother instilled a fear of snakes in to me, that her mother had instilled in to her. Reason was that where they camped up in Clarion, PA. at the time, they had to watch out for rattlesnakes.

Between her and Sunday School and the talking Snake-is-Satan story, I had no reason to like snakes….

But what happens when kids don’t get that download into their little brains and souls from an early age on? :)  They blew me away…my son with no fear having this one wrapped around his neck and the kids holding an alligator :)

Maybe next year I’ll pet the snake ? :)

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