Airship Propeller Applique & Hand Quilting Stars & Spools

My previous post was about getting some roof work done…

Later in the week while taking photos of the men working my eyes were drawn to this lovely cross in the sky cloud formation:


And while I was out there I also found these pretty Four-O-Clocks hidden amongst the zinnias. A reader and I had exchanged some seeds earlier on in the summer and I planted these in two locations. They didn’t come up ( or I accidentally weeded them ) in the one area,  and I’d forgotten about the other.  It was a pleasant surprise!


We have had cold spells and two frosts but not heavy enough to kill the flowers yet, and new ones keep showing up. Then we had very warm dry weather over the last few days…I was back into shorts and sleeveless tops…

The roofers were shirtless in the afternoon the entire week, even to feverishly trying to finish up late Thursday with thunder rumbling all around them and the rain starting to move in.

By Friday? They were here in hoodies for a few last minute things and when I went out to run errands I had my leather jacket on and the heat & defrost running in the car. It was GOOD that the rain came, though, because I discovered a downspout leaking ….moved a bit or clogged or something and could alert them to the problem right away.

Up until Thursday of this week any sewing time was just devoted to hand quilting.  Then I decided to make another Airship Propeller block and why not just use the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month to do so…yellow / gold.

Two other bloggers are making these and I originally posted about that HERE.  They are piecing theirs and I am appliqueing mine.  The plan is to sporadically fit them in…one or two a month amidst other projects.  Perhaps I’ll use the RSC color of the month suggestion next year for these….

Here is my new one:


Here are the other two from September :  ( could have pressed them better! :)


I took a few shots every other day or so of my hand quilting progress on the Stars and Spools quilt during this past week.

As of last weekend I had gotten past a star and was approaching the butterfly.

Once the butterfly area was completed, I was done with the first border. In this shot I had gone beyond the butterfly and started a….corner thing :)


‘Corner thing’ completed, a leaf outlined and a quilted leaf beside it…


A larger shot of what was going on…


Further along…


Joining the RSC group over at So Scrappy on Saturday and I’ll be doing more quilting with the Slow Stitchers at Kathy’s Quilts on Sunday. AND I will be changing back from summer pajamas to winter ones this Friday evening….the temps continue to drop, the wind howls and the dreary rain continues…it’s good quilting weather :)

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Learning about Roofs ( and getting one! :)


I have lived in this house for about 15 years or so now. In the last two years I’d see some roof shingles ( pieces of them ) blown off into the yard when we had high winds now and again in the springtime.

Well, when I had a young man come to clean gutters and repair one that had pulled away from the roof in one area ( the reason for my basement taking on water in heavy rains this summer ) he said that the roof was quite bad, and I should not wait much longer to have it repaired.  One side was much worse than the others.

It was time to start learning about roofs.

I got a few a estimates.

It’s funny how much you can learn about roofs in a short period of time, just from talking to the various companies.

  • For instance who knows how old my roof is….in the old days people didn’t replace roofs or wood very much…they just layered more shingles on.
  • Some of the pricing for the roof work is going to reflect how many layers have to come off.
  • A SMALL company has to have a dumpster brought over to the property to put the shingles in to.
  • A LARGER company can just run their own dump trucks back and forth.
  • A VERY LARGE company is going to come in high, since he has many employees and crews and has to have workman’s compensation.
  • A MID SIZED company ( with a nice low quote ) pays his employees a nice hourly rate but has no health insurance, pension, workman’s comp, etc. to deal with, though he does have the dump trucks and good pricing with his suppliers.
  • A SMALL SHADY company will come in low but provide no details on the quote that the others do ( I purposely had one come over with a iffy reputation for comparison.)
  • Ask about and do research on the shingles they are quoting on.


In the end I chose a small company that had a friend of my son and DIL working with them.

At first the small company owners’  bid came in higher than another one, who is a mid-sized company and probably had better pricing from suppliers.

The owner managed to negotiate better pricing and come down….or like my son said, he didn’t realize I knew what I was doing, lol :)

As I mentioned, in the old days layers of shingles could go right on top of each other. If someone found rotted wood, he could just cover it up and proceed.  From what I was told, this is no longer allowable by law in my state.

When I got the estimates I pressed each person for an estimate on ‘what if the wood is bad….worst case scenario cost ‘ to avoid me having a heart attack if the wood WAS bad :)

You know where this is going, right? :)


And of course it was in some sections. In one, whenever the roof was last worked on, some cheap white metal stuff was just put on top of a rotted section, and another layer of shingles laid over it.  The guys take pictures on their phones when they are up there so you can see closeups…in one area it was just like little rotted splinters underneath the metal and when the shingles were coming off I could see moss growing on them.

No leaks had occured though, due to three layers of shingles up there! For all I know the wood underneath all of that could have been there since the time the bungalow was built in the early 1900’s :)



This is such hard work. On the first day the guys never even stopped to eat. On the second day, our local grocery store has hoagies 1/2 off on Tuesdays, and I treated them to hoagies that I warmed in the oven and I baked pumpkin pie for dessert. On Wednesday I bought a kit to make gyros.

It took them close to two hours or more just to clean up all of the shingles in the side yard from one half of the house…. They are extremely meticulous.

Here is the dumpster parked in my parking spot, already over 1/2 way full…that shot was from Tuesday afternoon.


As of Tuesday afternoon, rain and ice guard and felting was over half of the roof. A little rain was expected but that would be no big deal as long as the felting cover was on.

On Wednesday one gentleman was working on putting shingles on that side and another was starting the tear-down on the other. They said they’d work late so that the felting could be on the second side prior to leaving ( rain expected overnight ).  There was no more bad wood so this should not be too much money over the original cost.

They hope to be finished up on Thursday if the rain does not continue on…


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