Family Fun

This first weekend of Autumn was full of family fun….my oldest son had come home from St. Louis on Thursday evening.  He had not made it home for Christmas due to being ill with a flu, so he took all of the children to Toys R Us to pick out whatever they wanted  ( $ 50.00 limit ) that evening.  HA! Uncle Shawn is always fun but Santa in September rocks :)

We had a nice breakfast here on Friday morning before he set out to visit a few folks…on Friday evening he took the children to a movie WHILE THEIR PARENTS ESCAPED AND HAD A DATE NIGHT :)

On Saturday morning everyone went out to breakfast, then we had Brent’s soccer game and right after that was a football game.  The football team posts official photos all of the time and I’ve shared a few of Javis here off and on…here’s a new one:


I took my camera for Brent’s game since the soccer people don’t do that…



He looks happy, doesn’t he? :)


Scott, Tallica and Shawn :


While the official soccer games were going on, Aiselyn was busy amusing herself.



Later on, after the football game, my two oldest sons took off to meet their younger brother at a music fest and they’d camp overnight there.  ( From the music fest, my oldest would go on to spend a day with his dads’ side of the family and return home to St. Louis. )

Tallica had to stay at the football field and work the concession stand.

I took the kids home…they changed clothes and we headed off to a local park. This park has a playground, ballfields and a creek running below it.


We are not sure if the teacher at school said WOW due to Aiselyn’s art or how many kids and pets she was listing in her family :)


While Kate was not here on Sunday, and Scott was away with his brothers, I did get some of them in a Sunday morning photo prior to church, using my DIL’s phone :)


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End of Summer Slice of Life

Fall has officially arrived but here are some randoms….an end of summer slice of life.

My youngest son has a friend whose mom, due to business connections, treats her son and many friends to a vacation at the beach in a different condo each year.  THIS year, her son and fiancee were married formally here in PA.  then the large wedding party traveled to their yearly beach vacation and the ceremony was repeated on the beach.

The guys had to have wedding clothes for both styles of ceremonies…formal and beachy…but I got a kick out of this one of my youngest…I told him that he looked like a Cuban gangster or Mob boss or something :)


In her school district, Kate has moved on to a middle / intermediate school now. Here she is at her 5th grade Open House ( photo courtesy of my DIL and son )


In the back yard, I planted marigolds next to the tomatoes. For quite awhile the little maturing marigolds were quite hidden by the tomato plants. The tomatoes are done now but the marigolds are in their glory…four or so of them. Also the cosmos are still going strong and the grapes are ripening on the vine.


The last day of summer was quite hot in the afternoon… a glimpse of some flowers still in bloom that day…


I had the standard pink colored echinacea / coneflowers in the back of the house for a good decade or more. They didn’t return this spring so in the early summer I purchased an orange variety and planted it in the front of the house. It bloomed for a few weeks and then that was it for the remainder of the summer but new blooms have arrived and are totally different from each other! :)


It’s interesting…the flowers start out like the first photo, then the petals droop down like the second one. It took one day for that orange one to droop down…what an interesting variety of coneflower!

I hope that you are all enjoying your first few days of fall. The afternoons are quite hot here…high 80’s.  It looks like cooler weather may arrive in a few days.

My oldest son who lives in St. Louis now, had been hiking the Appalachian Trail for two days and just arrived for a visit on Thursday evening.  We haven’t seen him for quite awhile so it will be a nice weekend :)

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