Around the house…

Around the house on a Sunday…

indoors and shadows

rocking chair

chair and table

kanga through chair

indoors with snowpeople collage

kitchen shadows

rolling pins reflected in picture frame

roast chicken collage

I roasted a chicken on Sunday morning.  I prepared a new batch of infused water with lemons, oranges and cucumbers, and put some lemon and orange slices into the chicken cavity and roasted it upside down. It literally was falling apart when it was done.

Upside down is the key to a tender chicken or turkey, which I discovered by accident one year, decades ago,  when I put my Thanksgiving turkey into the oven upside down by accident, and it was the tenderest turkey ever….

The carcass and carrots, celery and onions ( large pieces ) went into the first round of broth-making. Once drained, the carrots were saved for dog treats, and the broth went into the fridge. On the next round, the fat is skimmed and the broth can be frozen for down the line or used the next day where more carrots, onions, celery, etc. are added…this time cut up.  I like to add a can of cream of chicken to the mix to thicken it up a bit.

For Monday’s broth session, rather than letting it simmer away on the stove, I’ll be using the crockpot, an idea that I got from Debbie over at Mountain Mama.

crockpot broth

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Stitching on Sunday : Applique

Even though I am not cutting into them yet, I thought that I’d show you some pretty fabrics that I’d ordered on clearance. Each is a half-yard cut, $3.00 each. One is from the Primitive Gatherings line, and the other four are from Barbara Brackman’s Alice’s Scrapbag.

clearance fabrics

My little indulgence, and adding to my ‘reproduction’ fabrics pile :) It’s kind of funny…I went looking at clearance fabrics for some reds or greens but these are the ones that won my heart…just one red in the bunch!

While I’ll use these fabrics down the line in an applique block, I am using browns and a peachish-pink for this one, as it will work for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors this month. This is a Lori Smith “Elizabeth’s Pride” block;  my third thus far.

Lori Smith Elizabeths Pride block 3 working on

A year or so ago, Audrey from Quilty Folk had formed an Eagle Quilt group. I used the Eagle and a few floral blocks from this pattern for a sampler quilt for my son and DIL. I loved the rich colors in the quilt pattern…when it arrived I saw that it was originally done in wools…no wonder it had such deep, rich colors.

Well, here and there I am working on these blocks , intending to use the entire pattern on this round.

Speaking of Audrey, I have kept up with my current panel of circles for Quilty 365 and have my  Sunday circle ready to sew down, as well as the New Moon marker for Monday and a few more for the upcoming week.

circles Feb 6

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RSC16: Brown is February’s Color : Shenandoah Applique & More

When Angela announced the February color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I was a bit surprised…it seemed as if I’d just done browns not too long ago.

I’d just joined RSC15 in the last quarter, however, and so anything that I am doing for 2016  now….orange peels, HSTs, the occasional granny square…is not a new to 2016 project. There is a gradient project but I want it to have sky colors, so brown is out in regards to that as well.

However, prior to knowing the next color or the next Shenandoah block announcement, I had started on a Shenandoah botanical album block, using a rust colored brownish shade and neutrals. I wanted a block that reflected what the flowers look like in the garden at the end of fall, or during winter.

I worked on it off and on over the weekend and during the week and here is the finished block:

Shen block

I have often said here that I don’t do perfect ( no clue how to do that ) but this one takes the cake!  I have varied backgrounds for these blocks thus far and for this one I used a musical score background. There I was, on the right side, on my last leaf, when I noticed that all of the notes were upside down. Yep, it never occurred to me to check on that prior to sewing. And guess who left it that way? As long as I don’t tell anyone, no one will notice, right?  :)

I realize that this might drive some people absolutely bonkers, but after all of that time prepping the applique, then stitching it, it took me that long to realize it, so I left it be and kept on. I will always look at this block, shake my head at myself, and call it My Topsy Turvy Garden Spot.

Meanwhile I have been collecting reproduction era fabrics on clearance here and there and last Saturday I’d made four blocks…again, not knowing February’s color but a few have that brown / pinkish shade to them :

4 art square blocks on bed end Jan

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