She’s probably frying zucchini in Heaven

My sister’s MIL has been like another Mom to me for most of my life and known as another grandma to my kids since they were born, and ditto in regards to  my grandkids.

About 18 years ago I purchased the home that I live in now and my back yard is adjacent to hers! When Brent was little and I babysat him, we’d take off …me walking and him on his trike…up the back alley for a few blocks, then on to the main street. We’d always end up with him parking his bike in her front yard and going to the porch to ring the doorbell. She’d come to the door and get a big hug and then lead him in to the kitchen for a cookie.

Her cooking and baking skills were legendary. Back when my grandson Brent’s FATHER was a little boy, the holiday dinner would always start with her first course…Italian wedding soup. And he’d bang on the high chair hollering “Meatball!” when he wanted more ; so delicious!

She cooked the seven fish Italian dinner on Christmas Eve and provided a good 20 or more varieties of gourmet cookies for us on Christmas Day. She straightened me out about making gravy..LOL! Do it in the PAN with drippings and taught me the right way to make the best fried zucchini HER way ….

In the kitchen or out she loved and enjoyed life…this photo is from two years ago at Halloween.  When she passed on the other day she was 95 years old and had still faithfully attended Mass  that Sunday.

May we all still have this joy in life at 93! Photo taken two Halloweens ago )

While my BIL lives not too far from me there is other family coming in …I cooked a bit for his sister yesterday who will be staying at the house and her children coming in tonight and tomorrow. Probably not much sewing will be going on this week.

I found myself in mourning for her one day and the next for the legendary Barbara Bush as I watched the last half of HER funeral service.  Both ladies were very much the same….faith and serviced based, from a very special generation!

Some EPP, Applique, Quilting & That Crazy Dog

I had several Facebook memories from previous years on this date show up on Thursday of my son’s crazy dog, Koopa.

Here, I had a nubby plastic furniture protector on the loveseat. That’s the signal for my older dogs to stay off of it.  In the photo below, you can see that Lily took the hint and is on the floor in the corner. Koopa however, just worked around the situation!

Like many of you while we had a few warm days ( actually 2 days that went to 80+degrees ) we’ve had no normal spring weather here. Mostly rain, sleet or snow.   My crapapple tree usually has blooms that start out a deep pink, then they turn to white.

Right now, it is JUST budding…no color yet.  This next Facebook memory of Koopa jumping at the tree at the same time as now, only a year or two ago, shows the tree is about done….all white and soon to drop its blossoms. So we are behind for sure.   ( Pit bulls LOVE to jump as you can see :)

I went back on the blog to see some milder spring days in 2016 around this time…’s a favorite photo when the blossoms were opening when they were supposed to :)

Dove closeup by crab apple tree

I added a few more leaves and berries to the third border of my Flower Basket Medallion.  VERY cold and blustery out / I gave up and brought it in for a picture…the wind just kept gusting!

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color suggestion of the month is yellow / gold. I enjoyed digging in to all of the lovely reproduction fabric that Susan had sent to me ( see previous post ) and I made an EPP gold Starflower and appliqued it to a background square.

Another applique block in the works from the Dear Daughter project at Sentimental Stitches….and more hand quilting progress on my Rose of Sharon quilt.

To see what others create this month in yellow / gold, visit Angela and other RSC participants on Saturdays.  

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