Sometimes it’s all about how the light hits…

If you have followed this blog over the years, you will know that the little squirrels are regular visitors. I think that this one is the tamest of all. He showed up as a babe and while he won’t take from my hand, he’ll come within an inch of it. I love how the late afternoon light highlights his tail in the one shot  ( because if it wasn’t for their furry tails they’d look a bit more like rats and we wouldn’t be so fond of them ! :)

*update…he took a few from my hand on Monday morning early a.m.

squirrel collage 2

This photo was taken a few days later. It has nothing to do with the light, but rather the heat. It was over 90 degrees and his attitude mirrored mine! ( Wilting : )

Squirrel Chilling out in the Heat

Here are a few shots of what is blooming here right now; the shasta daisies are just starting, there are daylilies in the front and side and back, the privet bush is beginning to emit its heavy and intoxicating scent, and the foxglove is showing off.

blooms collage June 24

But sometimes it’s all about how the light hits the blooms. Then they are seen in a new perspective.

petunias light collage


flowers with sunlight

Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.     

Hans Christian Anderson


cloud for light post

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Sewing & Stuff End of June

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for June is a  teal / aqua blue, with touches of green if we wanted to add that in.

  • The solstice full moon photo from the next morning, early a.m. sort of has that shade. I had read that the North American Indians called the June Full Moon the Strawberry Moon, due to it being strawberry season.
  • I have not done much sewing this week, rather I’ve been on a reading bout.
  • I had a gift card from Amazon and while I have at least 5 Bibles here and many books on Christianity and a few on Buddhism, I’d never read anything about the Hindu religion, which is the oldest in the world.
  • So I ordered this, and it is fascinating and quite beautiful. Much of it sounds as if it could be in our Bible.
  • If you are curious and have never read it, I’d recommend this edition. The translator has quite the background in both the Hindu and Christian religions and so the commentaries have Christian saints and mystics scattered throughout. And it was only around  $ 7.00.
  • I did manage to get the teal row sewn onto Crossroads to Jericho and finished up a 2nd orange peel block, so there are two for this month.

TEAL Collage

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